Please add continuous recording asap!

Guys since this is a plug in device there are no batteries to worry about, so please add continuous recording. You advertise this as a potential baby/pet monitor well then allow us to be able to view through a constant live feed. 30 second burst when it’s activated manually or motion isn’t convenient. Please fix this in a software update ASAP.

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Collaborate with this guy. He can’t get his live view to shut off. Could be Amazon’s way of selling more products, who knows.

I’m not using an Echo Show, just the Blink phone app. Thanks.

Welcome to the forums! I think you missed Joel’s tongue in cheek humor! LOL I don’t think you’ll see this feature because in the past we have been led to believe that the chip in the cam can’t handle a 100% duty cycle. This has been discussed forever (it seems) in this forum so if you do a search you will get a lot more info.

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Nothing tounge in cheek at all about Amazon creating more sales. New products of different brands integration. As well as sell more products through planned obsolescence. XT-2 killing XT1 and sync module 2 not having backwards compatibility are examples.

Blink willingness and ability to implement free additional features/benefits via mobile app upgrades is…almost nill. The cookies they do hand out for free don’t work well. End clip early and activity zones come to mind. Battery power, camera temp, wifi signal are all other examples of app features that don’t work well.

Blinks low price = customer accept marginal performance and damn near false advertising.