Please add a APP for the ROKU

I’ve been using the cameras for a few months and they are great!! I’ve installed a few for others as well. The ease of set up is what sets this system apart from a lot of other Wireless systems plus this system is actually wireless. Just add the batteries, pair the devices, and download the App - DONE!!

The only recommendation that I would suggest and HOPE that you would consider is making a APP for the ROKU devices, if one is not available yet. The reason why is because viewing off the phone is no problem but if your in your house and since the ROKU devices comes with a wireless or hard wire ability, it would make it a even better security system because you would be able to view from your tv similar to the CCTV systems with out all the wires being ran to a hub requiring RCA or BNC connectors. This is the only draw back I have experienced and gotten feed back from clients.

You could just could just turn your ROKU on, in any room you have one in and open the APP and see your views, etc. Please try to incorporate this if it has not been done.


It hasn’t been done. This is a user forum, which is “lightly” visited by Blink employees. They may read this, but you won’t get a response,