Placement of the sync module

How far away from your router can you place the sync module? I know I keep reading from the module to the cameras about a hundred feet but I’m asking if my router is at one end of the house can I place the sync module in the middle of my house I’m in a single story… So my cameras that are farthest away outside at the other end of the house are showing a week one bar to the sync module, and I am trying to figure out if I move my sync module more to the middle of my house if that will help.
So how far away can the sync module be from my router?
Thank you

depends on construction of your home, materials, furniture, ambient temperature, humidity levels, and surrounding interference.
You’ll need to test it on your own to be sure.

I have my router in the heart of my home., and my module is in a closet by the front door. I also have a camera mounted up in a tree in the front yard.

My router is upstairs and my sync modules are downstairs. Like Austin said, it’s something you will just have to experiment with. It’s no problem to move a sync module (in case you’re unaware) - just unplug it, move it, replug and wait for it to reconnect with your router. Then check your signal strength. Let us know how you make out.

well I tried it in several places…my house just must be set up different cause if I was in another room it didn’t hook up too readily. so I basically moved it 6 feet from where I had it, and I guess its the best it can be. I seriously tried it 5 different spots. Thanks for your help.

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I have two setups at different properties. In my setup I saw little point in placing the sync module anywhere but beside my router. Primarily because the cameras need to be able to connect directly to both the sync module AND router. Secondly because my cameras are in all directions relative the router. If the cameras did not need to connect directly to the router it would be a different story, as the sync module might work like a range extender. I am probably wrong, but intuitively I imagine the weakest transceivers in the Blink system would those in the battery powered cameras. The cameras still need to connect well with the router so a midpoint sync module wont help with this connection.
Anyway as the others suggested no harm moving things about. You could also consider moving your router or placing a second WiFi access point nearer to your cameras.


I agree with logger, for the reasons he outlined. Camera has to talk to both router and sync module. Theoretically the camera has a 100 foot range to both, so not much to be gained by moving the sync module nearer, if you are working at the limits, because you will also be at the limit of camera to WiFi.

I say theoretically, because in practice, I found that the module does not have quite the same range that the camera to WiFi does, so in one particular spot, where I am really pushing the limits, for reliable operation, I benefited by tweaking the sync module position a little nearer to one camera than the router. This left the sync module easily close enough to the router, only 15 feet away, but 15 feet nearer to the camera than the router, which was just enough to get a good result, not least because in this new spot there was line of sight from the sync module to the camera, directly through a window. Camera to router is through a wall, but for WiFi this seems to work okay.

For one camera, which is way too far away from my router, and too many walls, I have used another sync module, and it picks its WiFi up from an Ethernet wired WiFi extender. For this location, I have the sync module practically on top of this extender.

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I wondered about this! Recently I’m getting the camera offline error, but I adjusted the position of the camera slightly on a toolbox, so I’m wondering if it’s the metal on the toolbox interfering with signal, and not the battery or temperature. They’re the original batteries and havent seen much below 0 celcius in the 3 weeks its been in service. (located in a garage in eastern ontario). At what temperature do these things stop functioning?

I have both the router and sync module next to each other inside, but through a brick wall to the camera. I’m wondering if the camera link to the module is too weak, it’s only about 25-30ft.

If it’s true that the camera needs to connect to both the router and module, maybe I’ll move the module as close as I can to the brick wall, if not completely outdoors.

Yes, it’s true.

How did you mount the camera in the tree?

I actually use some thin copper wire & wrap it around the tree. I do not want to cut into the tree with screws… and I also have one of those little brown rubbery house things that my camera is inserted into so wrapping it around the little rubber house is easy. And yes obviously periodically I have to adjust the copper wire so don’t hurt the tree, but I would rather do that then screw into the tree. Jmo

Thanks, Bybs. Where do you find the “little brown rubbery house”?

On Amazon…I use both the black and brown ones…

Thank you.