Pinch and zoom?

How about a pinch and zoom feature on videos??

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hi @Oldschool61, we already have an active discussion going on about it here: Blink Feature Ranking Form Version 2

Most of the users have voiced their need for the same and Blink team is closely analyzing the results. Hoping to hear from them on this soon. .

Perhaps they are waiting on the 1080p on the XTs before enabling zoom in Android App (it’s already there on iOS) I think this and time stamps should be prioritized as they are security related functionality

I would hope the zone blocking for motion would be priority but as others have said the systems that implement that now are hard wired and constantly monitor the video feed for the zone blocking.

I wonder why the apple app has pinch and zoom? Maybe there is a apple subroutine for camera apps to call up when needed.

@Anand_at_Blink has said it’s due to the many different screen sizes and resolutions on Android devices as opposed to iPhones which are all easily accounted for … Or something like that

Hi @Oldschool61 and @jacobjees,

As of today, pinch and zoom is now available! Check it out :grin:


No thank you
No yippee skippee
No its about f in tme

Customers, ya gotta love em.

Updated version works great. Yet another free upgrade. Woohoo.

@nick_at_blink love the new feature but I can no longer scrub forward or backward! Before you could hold down the timeline and move forward and backward and the video would do the same and it would save a lot of time if trying to find something especially if going through multiple one minute clips… now I have to watch full length one minute clips just to see if something happened noteworthy or not! Please tell your team to bring that feature back fast please! Also the timeline is much smaller now… liked it better when it was larger, made it easier to skip along the timeline…

I just switched from an iPhone to an Android phone, so it’s running the most recent version of the Blink app and I have no trouble scrubbing back and forth.

Scrubbing so as its nicknamed, works for me also on android phone.

Thanks Nick! It works great…
Still sad about the doorbell being pulled off the market(yaps I am just whining)

So you guys can move the slider along and while you do the video moves along with (like with your dvr) in essence letting you watch the video in fast forward or reverse?

@nick_at_blink any updates to this because I know I am not the only one experiencing this issue while others did realize what we meant and ended up having the issue but didn’t realize it?

Hi @UltraVegas,

Unfortunately, I do not have an update at this time, but our app developers have made note of the issue!

Okay Thanks. Hopefully it’s sooner than later because it really sucks not having it now