Photos not saved! What!?!

Insane! Guys, you NEED to make it so that live photos get saved and can be accessed just like videos. This is an absolute must have feature! I thought it was already but alas, no. That really sucks big time!

I just purchased 10 cameras, 2 plugged in mini’s and 8 battery versions. If I didn’t like what I have done so far, they would be going back! I’ll keep them hoping that you get it that this needs implementation right away!



Welcome to the forums! If you really need this feature I suggest you return your Blinks while you still can. I doubt you will see this implemented any time soon as it has been asked for a long time with no results. Good luck with your decision.

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Blink is gotta be close to a million cameras sold worldwide now. Obviously it’s not needed, nor is it insane that this feature doesn’t exist.

Pleading harder and creative writing does NOTHING to make it happen. My advice has been and always will be, do your homework before you buy.