PC use with Blink camera

Can I set up Blink to monitor on my PC? Thanks

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There are dozens and dozens of posts on this topic.

There are indeed, but you’d be hard pushed to beat MEmu as an android emulator on your PC, and simply run the Blink app in there. Details of that, and many other options, can indeed be found in the forum, with a quick search, as Ceedee mentioned.

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Any of you super users, beta testers, big shots with insider information, ever find out why Blink didn’t develop this ability?

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I found an article stating to use NOX android emulatro or Bluestacks App Player. Does anyone have experience with these applications? Which one is better? Thanks

Not that I qualify on any of those counts, but I think your own opinion pretty much nails it. I refer to your previously mentioned view that PCs are a dying breed, relatively speaking. The product was aimed purely at the mobile market, and it does its job adequately in that regard. Better than adequately, in my opinion.

Would I like it, sure. Did it stop me buying, no way, because it does what I needed it to do. PC would be a nice bonus, but it works well enough as it is.

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MEmu is better.

Nope! …

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I like plan B via a smart television better anyway - Gotta let go of the past to get to the future. I did the non voice command version via an Android TV box 2 years ago. Works ok but Blink didn’t support rotated screens back then. Might work OK now.

Plan C is the future. And it is here now.

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Now, that I searched around I see there is many android emulators and in some web pages it shows memu as number three and others it shows it as number one or two. I’ll try it. Thanks

Maybe because Blink is now part of Amazon, things move s l o w e r.

Great product but needs to keep improving in order for current users to buy more cameras.
Local storage vs paid a good step. Could allow user to set image to 90, 180, 270 degrees, so cameras can be mounted to wall, ceiling or horizontal. Number of small tweeks would make me buy more. I have 6 now (one still in box).
Good Luck

Maybe. But then you’ll have to explain why Ring moves fast and Blink moves slow. Both are owned by Amazon. I’ll give ya a clue. Look how much Amazon payed for Ring, then look up how much they payed for Blink.

Bluestacks works perfectly on Windows PC. You don’t have to keep check your phone.