Pausing clip causes video to fade

Hi all, my first post here. My backyard deck camera, an XT2, picked up a prowler last night checking our shed lock. When I pause the clip on my Android phone, the image fades to the point of being useless for pretty much anything. I had to upload the video to my computer to see it in still frames. Is this normal?

I also noticed the clip is not very clear given the fact the subject was walking past about 15’ in front of the camera, but you can actually see him turn towards the camera at one point! I’ve ordered a motion sensor outdoor security light to add to the mix.


Welcome to the forums! As far as the image fade goes, what I think is happening is the screen saver on your phone is kicking in. There is a setting on your phone to lengthen the time the screen stays lit before fading.

The night vision on the Blink cams leaves a lot to be desired IMO. I have a few friends and relatives with Blink cams and none of them have crystal clear night vision. Nuff said. Good luck!

The reason the video fades during pause is so the menu choices become highlighted. One of those menu choices is share. Share important videos to a bigger screen that has local storage…home computer. Shared video will be an mp4 file that you can do much more with than just viewing it on your blink mobile app.

Regarding night video quality…about 20 feet is all the further the 1 small LED inside the camera can illuminate. Yes, only 1 LED is used for night vision illumination. It’s not like a deer/trail camera that has multiple LED lights. So, being only 1
LED, make sure your setting for IR intensity is on high.

When you 1st setup a new camera you, yes you have to play the roll of test dummy bad guy. You must find out what the camera can and can not do. Once you know the limitations, you then decide is the performance I am getting good enough to go live use, or should I return it in the 30 day time limit and get my money back. There are lots of video on youtube for Bliink XT-2 showing real world performance. The youtube videos also compare Blink to other brands. Compare your results to those videos. And remember in all of this, the price of that XT-2 camera is around 80 bucks. You really do get what you pay for when it comes to entry level consumer electronics.

The Ring floodlight camera is the sister brand to what you are trying to create. Buy the time you spend money on separate items to create it, think about should I just buy the more expensive product and have a nice combined package. Granted you’ll have one more app on your phone however.

When you tap the screen, to bring up the control options, and choose pause, the remaining video handling options remain highlighted, as Joel pointed out, but, if you tap again, in any blank area, between the control options, the items disappear, and the screen goes back to full brightness.

Joel’s point about viewing on a computer is key here though. This is an important video. Not only do you want it shared to a computer for clearer, easier viewing, and control, but you’ll want it shared to ensure you don’t lose it. It will time out on your Blink storage, and you’ll need a back up anyway.