"Parent and child" setup for cameras. Automatic recording on secondary cameras

Is it possible to set a camera as a “main” or “commander” camera and others as 'child", meaning that if the main camera is activated all the others will start recording at the time regardless if the motion detector has been activated or not? By doing this we could have automatically different points of view of the action and you can have a better control. Sometimes the motion detector of a camera is not activated but you would like to see the recording at the same time another camera has been activated. I think this could be a very helpful and cool feature that can be achieved by software, quite simple. Thanks! (Sorry for my English)

Not currently supported.

Thanks ceedee. Hope it will be available in the near future

Who knows…Blink does not disclose product plans in this forum. Alas…

I would like to have this feature too. Maybe working a little differently though. If one triggers, user can select which other camera or cameras to start capturing too. I don’t want motion to be dependent on the mother camera, but rather any motion detected, and user can decide what to do with it. Thx