Outside cameras will only work inside the house

I just purchased the five set of outdoor blink cameras. None of the cameras will work outside, but inside they work perfectly fine. Any suggestions?

Blink and other brands use Wi-Fi to work. You may have poor Wi-Fi signal outside. My phone shows signal strength bars, I assume yours also. You could take your cell phone, walk around the inside of your house and look at the W-Fi signal strength bars on the phone. Then go outside and walk around your house, look at the signal strength bars to see if they drop. If the signal strength is bad it might even switch from your Wi-Fi to the provider signal. Also there are apps you can put on your phone to check signal strength. You may need a new Wi-Fi router with stronger signal, or a mesh router systems like eero, etc. My Wi-Fi signal is strong outside to about 20’ away from the house. My sync module is about in the middle of my single story house so it’s about the same distance to all the cameras. If you have a strong outside Wi-Fi signal, contact Blink support. I don’t know how far away a sync module can be from a router and how far away a camera can be from the sync module to work properly. The farthest camera I have from the sync module is about 40’. There are extenders you can buy for routers to go further.


Or maybe it’s the location of the sync 2 module relative to the outdoor cameras when they are outdoors that is the problem.

Yup cameras have 2 wifi channels. Wifi is simply wireless fidelity aka wireless radio communications

Camera to home network wifi router = 2.4Ghz
Camera to sync module = LFR (low frequency radio. I think it’s 600hz but don’t recall)

In any case, this will help you understand how it all works.

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900MHz for the LFR, just for passing info. Otherwise, just the ticket.

Dang it, my 9 was upside down. Senior moment! LOL

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