Outdoor blink motion not triggering IFTTT

Hi, I have a Blink Outdoor camera and want to set it up so motion detection turns on a Hue light. I’ve created the applet without apparent issue. I’m UK based so using Blink Europe. When the camera is armed and something triggers the camera, I get a blink alert on my phone as expected, but IFTTT is not triggered. I created a widget to arm/disarm the camera and that worked, so I assume that IFTTT and Blink are connecting properly.

Any suggestions?

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I came here to report the same. I have just bought a new Blink Outdoor camera and have set up an applet in IFTTT to trigger recording of another when motion is detected on my Blink Outdoor camera. Like tonyingall – I get the normal Blink motion notifications and recording on my phone but the IFTTT applet is not running. I’ve tested other triggers in IFTTT and they all work only the Blink motion detection is not working.

It seems like motion detection trigger for Blink Outdoor camera in IFTTT is not functional. Hopefully by replying here we get more visibility and can start troubleshooting this issue.

Is anyone from Blink monitoring this?

Not really. Their participation in the forums is lacking lately.

I suspect they monitor it all the time, but choose not to answer anything anymore. There is a wealth of marketing information in this forum, and they would be fools not to, but, we almost never get a response from any one now.

As for your issue, there is only one Blink trigger to choose from, “Motion detected” so it’s hard to imagine how it could be done incorrectly, but this is Blink, so who knows. I didn’t know triggering of a recording from another camera was even possible, so why not try triggering some other service, just to see if it’s the Blink trigger half that’s falling down, rather than the required action? If it’s the second phase that fails, that would not surprise me at all, because that sounds new, and fraught with potential hiccups.

In fairness, they report often that IFTTT is their supported solution, so you should be able to receive support from Blink if you call them.

Technical support, after trying things I’d mainly tried already, have suggested the problem lies with IFTTT and to report it there. I feel it’s unlikely to be an IFTTT issue, but I’ll try that route and see what they have to say.

This was the IFTTT response, effectively don’t call us we’ll call you maybe…


Your report has been received, thanks for letting us know. If you have any further information about this issue, please reply back with any screenshots, examples, links, or steps we may use to investigate the problem. We can’t reply to every report, but we do use this information to identify systemic issues and improvements we can make.

If you’d like to provide feedback or get further help with an Applet or service, please learn how in our guide: https://help.ifttt.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021683013-How-do-I-get-help-or-give-feedback-

The IFTTT team

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Based on the fact that IFTTT are withdrawing the Life360 service because Life360 are no longer supporting the integration, I went back to Blink and asked if the problem could be escalated inside Blink. This was the response, effectively Blink say they can do nothing. Meanwhile the customer is left high and dry!

Thank you for the reply!

I am afraid there is nobody here that could take care of this request. IFTTT is a third party and they have their own separated service and servers to take care of.

We do not have that control on the third parties, so there should be a support team for IFTTT that could assist you on the matter.

Itfff takes up to an hour if using the free account. So maybe this could be why it’s not triggering the light? The paid pro version can trigger much quicker …but you have to pay apparently. My mini blink cameras work with itfff but due to new subscription format for itfff, there can be a delay.

Hi Penguinjen, I’m using the paid version of IFTTT

Ahhh. Fair enough. My all new outdoor cams arrived Monday and I can seem to get ifttt to notify alexa from the two out door cameras. However if I change to the indoor mini then it works perfectly. Seems to be an issue with the outdoor and maybe the newest version…

Slightly annoying when Blink really just need to integrate with alexa as they have in America and Canada and being an Amazon company.

Poor response. Blink themselves should be offering geofencing for activating/deactivating the sytem based on the location of household members, and not to have been relying on 2 third-party addons to do the job. (Life360 & IFTTT)
I have a cheap (in fact it was free) Neos camera which easily uses family location info to activate/deactivate the camera. The camera also buffers 2-3 seconds so it fully captures and identfies the triggered motion a few secs before it happens. Also can trigger on sound.
I like Blink, but they really need to improve to keep up

I’m in the US and have the same issue. I set up a simple applet to turn on a light when my Blink camera senses motion. I get a Blink notification, but the IFTTT applet never runs. This sounds more like an issue on the IFTTT integration side - i.e. their integration with the Blink API is not working properly.

Is it Ifttt’s integration with the blink api or blink’s integration with the ifttt api. Neither admits fault.

Blink Support finally admitted it to me…

"Hi Brandon,

Sorry about it but the feature you are trying to do with IFTTT is not fully supported.

What IFTTT can do with the blink system is the geofencing.

thanks for the update. I’ve also raised the issue with IFTTT, but have had no response

I’ve already contacted IFTTT and they confirmed the problem is on Blink’s side, not with them. They did say they would contact Blink, but if Blink doesn’t want to support it, there’s nothing we can do.

That’s hilarious, because Blink have twice told me the problem is IFTTTs. Classic stuck between two vendors!!