Original Blink Batteries

I have tried a couple brands of LiPo AA replacement batteries and none were as good as the original stock un labled batteries that came with the cameras.
Blink! Can we buy them from you?

Energizer Ultimate Lithium are the only recommended batteries. Order on Amazon - you can even setup a reminder in Alexa app too for when your stock of batteries diminishes.

Buy them in bulk 40+ and they will be 1 dollar or less per battery. When the voltage gets too low to run Blink camera (1.3 volts) you can then take those used batteries and run them in remote controls, wireless keyboards, etc. Bulk supplier is Amazon, Ebay, etc.

For any UK buyers, it isn’t possible to get a price as good as that, but I literally just bought 30 Energizer lithium ultimate for £36.21, carriage paid, which is still not bad. I was going to get 20, but the order only became carriage paid when buying 30. It’s a paid google add, when you search for AA lithium batteries, for 12.07 per 10, which is just £1.21 per battery. At roughly 6 months running time, per set, I call £2.42 for the two, really good value. Site was something to do with Monkeys, if it helps anyone.

I bought 80 batteries about 2.5 years ago. They work great in my deer/trail camera. That device uses 8 batteries. Will be on year 2 soon with trail cam same set of batteries.

2 of 6 Blink XT still running original 2,year plus blink batteries from factory. Those two get little activity. So 2 years,can be done, but it’s not the norm at all. Classic example of engineering and sales smoking the same joint to find common ground.

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Yeah, agree completely. I wasn’t worried about buying too many, because I know their shelf life is long, very long, and I can use them for other purposes. My reference to 6 months was with regard to those with higher activity than the norm for me. I think it perhaps represents a more realistic average, in real world situations. Having said that, 6 months is the shortest time I get and I too have a camera that is still going strong on an original set, which is going on past 20 months now, but that has unrealistically low usage, so I can’t class it as representative at all.

For sure though, buying a lot at once makes a lot of sense with this type of battery.

Yup 6 to 12 months is very realistic. The phrase up to in a sales ad is always a cautionary flag.

Oh ya, add another 20 cents for USA to UK exchange rate. About 1.43 USA dollar you paid. I’m gonna blame Trump tariffs. Lol

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No, I want the original green Blink batteries that ship with the camera .

The cameras now ship with the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. I haven’t seen the unbranded ones in quite a while.

Mine shipped with Energizer Ultimate Lithium as @ronsec has also confirmed.

Out of USA shipments may have non energizer batteries. Haven’t read anybody getting anything but Energizer Ultimate Lithium in USA.