My camera I have monitoring the outside òf my bluebird box captured this about 7:30 am 2 days in a row.
If it was one static circle of light, it could be a reflection. But the fact it moves around the screen has me and my friends baffled.
Any ideas to what it could be?
Day 1

Day 2

Welcome to the ORB party.


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Thanks :blush:
It only happened those 2 days. I haven’t seen it at night but since my cameras are only set to go on 7am to 7pm late Spring and Summer for inside bird houses, the 1 outside is forced on the same schedule.
A couple friends think it’s a ghost of some sort

Probably insect, part of spider web, dust/dirt, etc.
Clean camera lens = orbs go away.

My gut said, teeny tiny creepy crawly, super close to the lens, on it in fact, so totally out of focus, therefore no way to make out even tinier legs, etc. Blurred beyond all recognition, but yes, as Joel said, could easily be a part of a spiders web. Either way, it is something really close, and very small. Not such a big believer in the dust possibility in this case, because it’s too coincidental, two days in a row, almost exactly the same. Newly hatched batch of tiny spiders, wandering around, a possibility for sure.

One thing it isn’t, for sure, is ghosts, of any sort.

Use this to clean the camera lens

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My lense has been cleaned a few times.
It finally happened again this morning.