Orbs on camera

This might sound weird, but has anyone seen little bright orbs on the camera when the lights are out and the night vision is on? I have been seeing a lot of little “specks of dust” showing up on the camera feed.
Dust maybe, but does dust go from side to side and from the bottom of the screen to the top?
Anyone seeing this on their cameras?



Spots of fly glue on super fine spider’s webs, moving in the breeze, reflecting back from the IR to the camera?

That’s just it. There is no breeze and they are still moving around. Sideways up and down bottom to top.
Just weird.

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Fine webs move in just thermal currents. Tiny spiders travel the world carried aloft on those things. Barely needs a breath.

That being said, if it’s an XT2, view live, save it, and upload it to youtube, so we can all see. If it’s an XT, trigger a recording, and get out of the way quick, then upload that. I’m sure better ideas will be forthcoming, once seen.

Or, run around out there with one of those long reach dusters and twirl it around everywhere nearby, and see if things improve. If it doesn’t, then it’s something else.

Could be a moth. I had one dancing in front of a camera one night and it did look like a white orb most of the time. I think it flew past and triggered the IR light, and then was attracted to the light until the recording stopped and the light turned off.

Do a search on blue orbs. Past threads on this but I don’t recall what the problem was. Something to do with reflection of light through water droplets.


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Thanks. It’s not a moth for sure but good idea.
As long as we don’t have ghosts, I’m good

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Many times, but you perhaps wouldn t appreciate my answer.

Yes, I’ve seen it too. It’s not just one speck. It’s a whole bunch of them.
And, this is inside the house. It is not in a carpeted room. It’s near the kitchen.
I couldn’t figure out where all the white specks were coming from. And, yes, it’s on night vision.

Also seeing it on the outside cameras. And, they look like short, white lines going in every direction.
Again, I’m puzzled by this. One of the cameras is on an enclosed porch outside. It’s not totally enclosed. But, it has 4 walls and a roof and a foundation. The camera is mounted on a wall common with the attached garage wall, and it is NOT exposed to the elements at all. The porch has a front arch and a side arch. No rain or snow gets on the porch. I see all these white things moving in every direction on night vision.

I’m so glad someone else reported it. So, it’s inside the house and outside.
So, what am I seeing?


I think they are just specks of dust. Go into the room that has no carpet and wave a jacket or shirt around and then turn all the lights off and look. There should be a bunch of them because I think they are dust.
They go in all directions and look crazy.
I really don’t think they’re ghosts but it was a thought. :slight_smile:

I’m totally puzzled by them, they move intelligently at times and also trigger my motion activation. Iv watched myself getting ready for work and these things zooming around me and there’s no dust no bugs nothing. Then iv watched myself get up leave the room, all the while no orbs then once iv left it’s like play time. It’s strange but real


Iv witnessed the same orbs and thought it was a defective camera so I got a new one, iv watched play backs of me sitting in the couch lights out and them zooming around but not very many and I know I did not see them while sitting there, then in watched them literally come out once iv left the room, they move intelligently at times and change direction streaking leaving like a trail behind sometimes then literally just disappearing into the floor cabinets walls some are bright and big but those are rare. Is it a night vision defect?

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They move intelligently sometimes it’s weird

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As I mentioned in this thread before, upload a video to youtube, post the link in here, so that we can all see, and some good ideas will be forthcoming.

I have the same issue. Only it’s not a bunch at once. It’s typically one at a time. And they move in circles, sometimes fall like a leaf, zig zag, cut right angles and are very fast. They seem to appear out of nowhere and vanish before they reach the the edge of the screen. A couple of times it looked as if two converged into one then fell like a leaf across the the screen. And like I said they appeared out of nowhere and seemed to vanish into nothing. It’s completely fkn crazy. And I do not like it! I would love for someone to come up with a logical explanation. And not dust or spider webs. It’s not possible for it to be those things. These things are fast. And yes they do seem to move Intelligently.

Yea I have it freaked me out until I started to read this
I’ve got in my hall so I can watch my dogs but then I notice flashes of light and orbs wasn’t watching my dogs then it was the lights is it the camera must be if everyone is seeing the same thing or what

I’m getting orbs and long flashes of light defo not dust

I am seeing them too. At first little light specks, tonight though, I happened to be up watching them “live” from my bedroom (cameras in kitchen). First I didn’t see much, after almost an hour of obsessively looking for those wavy white specks (with fuzzy blur that trails behind as they wave through the room), then they all started showering through the room. I got scared and started praying to Jesus, thats when they became much brighter and rounder and clearly looked like perfect circles. Some were moving faster, some slower, some were actually flashing from bright to dim to bright to dim. Its all recorded, I’ll try to post here if possible. I am gonna have to interpret this to mean one thing- this camera just catches what’s always been there that no one can see. After all we’re all seeing slightly different floating, intelligent, (They swirl around me, not my husband), bright lights that sometimes morph into a foggy blur before zipping off again. I won’t try to name them or identify anything else about it- I just feel they’re supernatural- unless those Blink engineers decided to play a prank on everyone. That’d be pretty funny. Darnit - video won’t upload, probably too long. Its crazy, I’ll probably try to send to paranormal caught on camera