Respond if you agree so this gets attention

When using multiple cameras, it can take time (15 seconds per cam) to update all the views. It would be great if this were one button.

Additionally, it would be great to be able to save these photos.

  • I may as well add here: a product that is a remote sensor. Cheap. It can signal selected cameras to start recording when triggered.

The new cameras do have an option to automatically save photos.

The older cameras…the photo view icon was for aiming the camera. That’s it. Live view was to see and hear what the cameras is looking at. You could not save it however. The newer cameras you can save live view. however.

Like everything, want the new features/benefits, you have to purchase the newer versions of the product. Reminds me of the never ending chase of technology with cell phones.

I have the latest cameras. In order to update the picture representative of each camera view, you must click each one, one at a time.

I have the latest cameras, Joel. Regardless, to update the preview photo, you have to click each one at a time.

And saving photos I am not referring to the camera taking a snapshot every couple minutes/hours, not am I talking about saving lives views which is an obvious option when viewing. I am specifically referring to updating the previews with one button, and possibly saving those images as an added option.

I know specifically what you are suggesting and asking for.
I specifically posted what Blink’s work around was/is.

Reality tells us the following:
Blink has in 5 years, implemented less than 1% of all customer suggestions posted in this forum.
Blink employees no longer post anything here.

Don’t blame me, I’m just the messenger. If this thread gets Blink’s attention, great. Unfortunately myself and many others know what the results will be. If there are feature updates, they are rolled out in new hardware platforms. Backwards compatibility to old hardware doesn’t hardly exist. . Feature updates to the mobile app for existing hardware platforms are so few and far between it’s crazy.