Open Source Desktop viewer

I’m happy to share with you a GitHub project I have been working on last weeks, a desktop application to view and download videos to your local PC.

It is in fact two projects:

The first one is a web application that can be directly run using your Chrome browser with a parameter disabled (instructions inside github). This project has the minimum functionality to view and download videos. Pagination shows 50 pages by default on purpose until I adapt it to new REST changes done by Blink.

The second project is a desktop application based on Chromium that serves not only as a browser for the first project, but also a way to automatically download videos and receive activity notifications (WIP). Windows 10 is the only OS supported at this time by the way.

So, in case you just want to see videos and download them one-by-one, you can use the viewer directly. In case you prefer an all-in-one application you better download the second one.

For using the desktop, just navigate to link below and download, uncompress and execute BlingApp.exe. None of these projects store credentials information in any way, web viewer directly sends your information to Blink servers and a token is used during the whole session.

Please, take into account this is not a finished product just a very basic application that will evolve in the near future. As I saw in the forum there was many people requesting it I wanted to publish in its early stage. It is very likely to have issues as I could only test it with my account. For issues please use Github channel, for suggestions you can use this thread.

Hope you enjoy it!


Good effort!


Hello Lurume84

Good job on the desktop app so far. I noticed on a view, where I have three cameras, with two powered, you have an icon for showing if powered by mains or running on battery. This is a nice touch, and something that has been requested in the Blink app on several occasions. Which, unless I’ve missed it, still isn’t shown in the app. Since the data must be available, you’ve used it, I wonder why they don’t just add a little icon, maybe next to the running man, for example.

If I find issues, I will continue to report via github.

Keep up the good work.


Hi Lurume84
Ive downloaded the bling-desktop to my windows 10 computer and extracted the zip file. For the life of me i cant find the BlingApp.exe to run?
Do i also need to download the DesktopSetup.msi along with the zip file unpack it then run DesktopSetup.msi
The instructions aren’t clear in the zipped package.

Try “BLINK” not “Bling”

If you are unextracting a zip file then you are downloading bling-viewer. To get it directly working you have to download and install DesktopSetup.msi from

Bling is composed by two projects, viewer and desktop. Viewer is just html ui in case you want to run it in your own chrome (even Mac or Linux). Desktop is a Windows solution to run same ui in app mode having more functionality like automatic video download and automatic snapshots.

Mate its called Bling Desktop, read the notes and visit the link.

Ah, yes. I see. The world is moving too fast for me now. :roll_eyes:

I installed the Desktop App and it works great. I viewed my videos and selected full screen. I tries to hit esc to go back to the smaller view as you do while watching a YouTube video and did nothing.
Is there another way to go back after viewing in full screen mode?

Thanks! Ok will try to implement for next release as should be easy.

I have just released a new version that exits fullscreen when pressing ESC. Remember to uninstall the application before installing new MSI again. Downloaded MSI file allows to do so by right-clicking and pressing Uninstall.

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these projects looks very interesting. It took some work, but I managed to get bling-desktop to run. I was having a series of errors concerning VCRUNTIME140.DLL and MSVCP140.DLL

I googled and have tried several remedies to fix these errors, including installing MS Visual Studio 2017. I ended up having to install a Visual C++ Runtime Installer package which is a batch file installer that includes all Visual C++ Libraries and then it sort of worked. How do I get the desktop program to automatically download videos as quoted below?

bling-viewer doesn’t work on either my Mac or Windows 10 desktops (both running lastest versions of Chrome).

Also, as a suggestion, I would like a way to be able to download and archive the still photos that are taken. Is that possible?

Thanks for the work that you’ve done so far @lurume84

Oh I forgot to include runtime dlls sorry for that. They will be included in next release. In order to run just the viewer in any OS you need to follow instructions detailed in github:

  • Close all instances of Chrome browser (open taskmanager and kill any resilient Chrome process).
  • Execute
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --user-data-dir=.

Using desktop app, videos are automatically downloaded to your computer by default and are available at %userprofile%/Documents/Bling.exe/Download. They are downloaded very slowly to not saturate Blink servers so it may take some time to have them all. There is also automatic thumbnail request that downloads images as videos but can drain batteries so it is disabled by default. Next viewer release will include manual thumbnail save as other user has requested the same.

Which is the URL to execute bling-viewer on Chrome?

To execute viewer you need to download zip from the repo, uncompress it and open chrome.exe as described in my comment above. Then go to the uncompressed folder and drag and drop index.html in opened chrome. That should make viewer work in any OS.

Trying to run Viewer in Chrome on Mac. When I get to Login screen and enter Blink ID & password and hit enter or click on Login, window flashes and does nothing. I have tried opening Index.html from “Open file…” and by dragging onto Chrome. Same result.

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You have to open chrome with web security disabled so CORS is disabled. I do not have a MacOS but something like this in console

open -a “Google Chrome” --args --user-data-dir=[path to viewer]

Puth the path to the downloaded/uncompressed viewer instead of [path to viewer].

If this does not solve the problem please open an issue in github’s bling viewer and I will check this in a virtual machine.

I figured it out on Mac
First of all, close all of your Chrome instances.
then from terminal, use this command

open -a /Applications/Google\\ Chrome --args --disable-web-security --user-data-dir=/Users/phasearray/Downloads/Blink/bling-viewer-master

This is for my case. I had unzipped the bling-viewer-master zip under ~/Downloads/Blink

Obviously you should subsitute with whichever path you placed bling-viewer-master

then drag the index.html file into your browser window and login.

lumume84 gave me that information via the GitHub site and I now have Viewer working on my Mac.

yes, I suppose my method fixed the windows chrome command as well. The problem was the missing --disable-web-security argument. Without that, I couldn’t load it on my Windows PC either.