Only recording at night. Not scheduled

I have 2 cameras that record fine at night but will not activate or record during daylight hours. I do not have an on/off time scheduled and the motion detection setting is on. All connections are good.


@Sgt561: Welcome to the forums! Your problem is puzzling. Who or what is turning your system on at night? Is the system being armed during daytime - not the individual cameras but the system itself. I would check the scheduling part of the app because it appears that something is turning the cams on at night and off in the day. Let us know how you make out.

Both cameras show motion enabled all day. The schedule is at the system default of “Arm” at 12AM with no “disarm”. I even tried scheduling them on at 1PM and still nothing. Once it gets dark out though they work fine.

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I think you have the scheduling set wrong (somehow). Turn off the scheduling alltogether. Then arm your system manually & it should record 24/7.

I agree, I’m not sure what to make of:

There is no system default schedule for arming/disarming, AFAIK. Only schedules that you create in the app. Not sure if it’s related to your issue, but it sounds strange to have a schedule that “arms” at 12am and never disarms.

I would suggest removing any schedules in the app.

If that doesn’t do anything, what happens if you temporarily set the sensitivity to 9 while the camera is armed and do some jumping jacks in front of the camera during the day?

It’s possible that day/night hours can have an effect on motion triggering, but unlikely to the extent that you’re describing (ie it works fine at night, and is completely nonfunctional during the day).

I see no “off” for the scheduling. Just a time to arm and disarm. There is no schedule set on the calender. I added a 3rd camera this afternoon and it is working fine. I did unplug/plug in the sync module hoping it would reset the cameras…still nothing. It will be dark soon…I guess I will see what happens.

Ok…my app is not showing that option on either my Samsung S9 or my LG tablet.

Next to my “Scheduling” I do not have that “enabled/disabled” option. Just a grey arrow that takes me straight to scheduling.

I just checked my Fire tablet with the app that was added today. It does not show that scheduling option either.

Weird. This is my screen on a Moto running android 7.0.

Ok, you’re not crazy! Mine just disappeared! Bug?

That is what my screen shows.

Any updates on this?
I just got a Blink system. A outdoor cam and two mini indoor cams. Both indoor cams do exactly what the OP says. Doesn’t get motion triggered during the day but only at night. It starts at sunset working fine. I increased the motion triggering, checked and played with scheduling, and double checked everything with the app settings. Nothing. Would love to hear anyone with any info to point me in a direction.

My whole system does this too. Seems the whole system shuts down during the day. Works fine when it gets dark but during the day nothing on any of the 5 cameras. I can live view but that’s it. Not even a month old. No schedule enabled. What good is it only at night? Any ideas or throw the whole system in the trash and really doubt “Amazon” related products from now on?

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Update? I am experiencing the same as others.
I have one indoor camera.