Only 2 hours worth of data can be recorded

  1. I cannot save more then 2 hours worth of motion. Which means I need to constantly be busy downloading to my computer if I don’t want to loose the last 2 hours worth of date.

There is no option for auto download to a drive or computer nor is there an option to pay and have more hours capabilities.

Welcome to the forums. You can get more storage by adding more sync modules (not a great solution but the only one). However, if you have that much activity that you need to keep, you bought the wrong system. Blink is just not meant for high activity areas.

Why did you find out the details of data storage AFTER you purchased Blink vs. BEFORE you purchased Blink?

btw, if you need to constantly be busy downloading video clips to your computer, that batteries will die somewhere between a few days, to a few months. Possibly a few hours. Camera may also overheat and fail.

Bottom line is you can not take a system like Blink, Arlo, Nest, Ring, Wyze, etc. and turn it into a traditional security system. These are home monitoring occasional use only systems. It’s why the price tag is so dang cheap.