Only 1 of 3 camera working

I’m sorry if this has been addressed, I did scroll thru topics. We bought our system in December, worked perfect thru March
In April two of the cameras just quit recording. 1 camera still works. Nothing was changed, nothing was moved. Changed batteries in 2 cameras, now they just say “camera is busy” when I go to live view. Still no motion sensing. Again, 1 camera still works. Please help, I’m not super tech savvy but this was so simple to set up, can’t figure out why it’s not working.

I am having the same issues. I added a new camera this weekend and it set up but now I can on see one camera. I deleted the others a reader them but two were not successfull, they were never found. I have repositioned the sync unit to put it within feet of the non functioning cameras and still cannot add them.

Did you try new lithium batteries?

Yes we put new lithium batteries in all of them. The light comes on but it doesn’t record.

I received the kit yesterday, sync’d and set up both cams and they worked fine. Hours later, cam1 failed, both picture and video.

I reset the route, took out the batteries multiple times because it would work during the initial startup but then takes a poop shortly after.

The other cam works perfectly fine, btw.

Help? Or defective?

I wish I could help. Blink sent us 2 new cameras after 2 of our 3 failed after a few months of installation. One month later, one of the new cameras has failed again. I can’t even bother with the hassle of calling tech support and redoing all the steps I’ve already taken several times. Just chalking it up to a lesson learned and will look into a different system when the other 2 cameras fail. Best of luck!

Update: it works fine when the usb is plugged into the camera but I do not want to run a cord. Defeats the purpose of “wireless” functionality. :sweat_smile:

I just ran a power cycle with the Sync module, removed batteries(again) from the cam and initially started the live feed multiple times just to make sure all was good before remounting the thing.

So far so good and the camera is working just fine as it should be. However I will be monitoring the cam’s stability throughout the day.