One detects and the others record

It would be nice if i could record simultaneusly from different cameras triggered just by one, that would be a way to have a multi angle video.

For about 3 years now, others before you have asked for that feature. As you know, it still doesn’t exist. Gonna hedge a bet on processing power/capability limits within the hardware/software. Remember the price you paid is on the low end for home monitoring cameras.

Maybe if you have a lot of trigger events, recording with multiple cameras every time would be very expensive. But if you are aware of your environment and you know that your cameras will not be triggered so often I think It’s just a matter of software update and configuration. Obviously, as you say, knowing that this could be lead to a reduced batteries life. Anyway let’s ask it again, perhaps this time is the good one :wink:

Once you’ve been here more than a couple of days, more light will shine. After you’ve been here a couple of years, it will become crystal clear. Actually, if you do your homework, it’'s clear enough in a week.

Remember the definition of insanity…doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

I’m sure Joel is correct with regard to waiting, unless we get really lucky. In terms of functionality though, I’m sure it is possible with existing hardware, and this is why. I just experimented with something I have been curious about for a while, because I have read complaints about the system not being able to record from more than one camera at once, so I set the camera at the back of the house to record for 30 seconds, and turned end clip early off. I armed it, triggered it, and rushed through the house, from back to front, and triggered the one at the front. Moments later I received two notifications, and two videos. One for 30 seconds, from the back camera, and one that, for sure, overlapped, but was only 5 seconds, because I left that one at default. I was already fairly sure it must work, but I wanted to check before posting.

So, simultaneous recordings is not an issue.

We know that with an XT2, you can invoke a recording from the app, by saving live view, so the server could do this too, it obvious anyway, but the XT2 ability confirms it, because your request has to go from the app to the Blink server, and then back to the camera, so technically, the server triggers the recording. We know that with early notifications turned on, the server can know about it right at the start, so it could trigger the other cameras to record. We know it knows at the start anyway, because video starts streaming to the Blink server, but the early notification confirms it.

So, it would be simple to implement, but it would be yet another feature to implement with no added cost, so if it ever comes. I could expect it with say the XT3, so that they continue to provide differentiation, but on the XT or XT2, I doubt it. In the same way that I’m absolutely convinced that early notification could be done with the XT, and other features, but they don’t offer them, and reserved them only for the XT2. Gotto sell the new model to existing customers too. As for battery use, all they need to do is add a battery usage warning/disclaimer.

Sooooo, don’t hold your breath, even though it seems like a really good idea to me.