One Camera Stopped Working

I’ve had the same three cameras for several months with no problem.
This weekend, I shifted my router closer to one camera (I moved it a yard – maybe, though I tried pull the plug on the router) and now that camera won’t sync.
Resetting the router, camera (including the firmware), and sync module have all done nothing. I’ve changed the batteries in the camera. Nothing. When I first plug in the sync module, it pings the camera and I see two or three bars but clicking “Update” or “Live View” just results in a “command could not be completed” error. There are no alerts. It’s like the camera just doesn’t want to work. The other two work fine (including the one that is now, actually, father away).
This is ridiculous. Why did it just stop working?!?

I think your next step is to contact support. They have some debug tools that might help.

Take the dead camera inside and get the serial number. You’ll need that for tech support.

Now that you have serial number, you can delete the camera and then go through the add a camera routine. Adding a camera does some kind of magical camera reset functions. It may be the trick to getting it to work again. Make sure it works inside before you waste your time remounting it on the outside of your house.

IF add a camera works, you can then play around with camera order in the mobile app. The camera you just added will be at the bottom of the list.