On off WiFi button

Often I’m in and out of the house and do not have my phone. It would be nice to have a button on a WiFi device that turns the system off and on.

You can probably use the app on the phone to turn off the motion capture for one or more camera. I have several cameras that I turn off manually due to weather conditions causing false alarms, etc.

Basically the same thin.

OP is looking for a hardware device button rather than a mobile app software switch.

Ya I know, this is not how Blink works. LOTS of people have asked for a snooze timer for camera system so they can go in and out of their home. People forget to turn the camera system back on if they turn it off.

Bottom line is you the owner of the camera system has to take responsibility for you’re own situation. Automation does not replace your brain. Camera scheduling is the only Blink app tool there is if you keep forgetting to turn your Blink cameras back on. . .