Older iOS device has NEWER Blink version!

This has me baffled. My later iPad and iPhone are using iOS version 13.3.1. The Blink version (which is up to date) is version

But I’ve just installed it on my old iPad, which is limited to iOS version 12.4.5, and to my surprise found a different, superior interface. On checking About Blink, I see it is version

What’s going on here please? Version 6 is superior for me because it gives quicker access to sharing with Dropbox. In contrast, that’s a cumbersome procedure with version

Terry, UK

Dunno. I’m on 13.4, and my app just upgraded to v6.

Thanks for fast reply. Did you update it within Blink? The App Store? Some other?

App Store.

Thanks a bunch ceedee, that fixed it.