Offline alert. 30 seconds, not 30 minutes?

The ‘sync module disconnected’ alert is great, but waiting 30 minutes before telling us is too long in my opinion. Sadly, any self respecting crook knows how to disable wireless cameras by disconnecting them from the router using a deauth attack. If we could have the option of getting an offline alert after 30 seconds or a minute, people might be able to catch criminals red handed. If your WiFi was prone to random disconnects you could always increase the alert time a little to minimise false alarms. The offline alert feature is already built into Blink. Tweaking it could make the cameras far more suitable for home security applications.

It’s cheap for a reason and it sure as hell ain’t hack proof. Remember, these cheap full wireless cameras of any brand are NOT home security cameras. Rather they are home monitoring cameras. The original intent 5 years ago when it came out was monitoring porch pirates. If you need real security, you gotta pay up real money for a real product.

Can camera be hacked - yes
Can camera be stolen - yes
Can router be attacked - yes.

The average bad guy isn’t going to do these kinds of things. The pros and way above average people will. You have to decide for yourself the risk you are in. Hi risk and cheap entry level home monitoring are a bad mix.

Myself, I’m at low risk and outgrew Blinks performance a capability in less than 6 months. Woulda shoulda coulda bought better more capable all come into play. Then my wallet spoke up and reminded me what a tightwad I am - game over. I still am running the Blink stuff. On my 4th winter now in MN.

I totally agree. My home ‘security’ cameras are hard-wired to a DVR that is deliberately not on the internet. Even the convenience of remote monitoring that system has vulnerabilities. One day WiFi camera manufacturers and router manufacturers will use a more secure wireless protocol (it does exist) but until then you are right in that you cannot buy a hack proof wireless solution. I just figured that in the meantime, giving Blink users faster notification that something is wrong would be helpful and it would be more of an adjustment than a new feature.

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I’m glad to see your last sentence. I was going to say, what are you on here for if you have a better system. My bad!