Objects mysteriously being moved in night vision recording

Has anybody had Blink recordings that show mysterious moves in night vision recordings?
I installed the new Blink outdoors camera over my pool deck and I had a couple of recordings that I cannot explain.
My camera is set to record 5 second videos and the first suspicious one (30 seconds) was recorded at midnight (12:00am) last Thursday, 2/25. It shows one of the swivel chair slightly rotate and soon after, shoes moved a little bit. At that time, I thought there might have been a strong gust of wind that went through the screened-in pool deck that night.
Well, last night at 12:14am, I had another 30 second recording and this one is really hard to explain. It shows the same swivel chair actually moved a few inches! Shortly after, one of the two pairs of shoes DISAPPEARED and then REAPPEARED a few seconds later!!! I have no idea how this could actually happen. I’m leaning towards a theory that this is some kind of video recording anomaly but I would be interested to know what other people might think.

What icon shows against the video file in the clip roll?

I believe it’s a Camera mode which take picture every 10min.

It shows the camera, not the video. Strange, the 2/25/21 clip is still 30 seconds long, but last night’s clip is only 6 seconds long now. No strange anomaly seen as a result. I did save the 30-second video clip on my iPhone, though. I now suspect there was some kind of glitch in Amazon Blink server and it was showing a collection of some photo images for some reason. Still, why would it do that? Weird…

I think you are right. The 30-second video shows the camera icon, not the video icon, next to it. I now suspect there was some glitch in their system and assembled several pictures taken at different time. I’m not sure what you mean by the pictures taken every 10 minutes. Even if it took pictures every 10 minutes, why would a pair of shoes disappear and then reappear when everyone was asleep inside? If it was a collection of pictures taken at different time/day, why would it do that? Still weird…

The camera icon is for the new feature, enabled by default, for appropriate cameras, called photo capture. It takes a picture every 15 minutes, and combines them into a short video every 24 hrs, or anytime the camera is disturbed by a motion event, and places them in your clip roll, like a video, but with a camera icon.

Turn it off in camera settings if you don’t like it.

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