NSURLErrorDomain error-1011

We had to change the password on our router and receive the following error above. How can we up date the router password in Blink? I clicked the cloud icon at the bottom of the screen but I see no option for changing passwords. I tried the “Change Wi-Fi Network” and clicked discover device. We get “network request failed.” There is not option to change the password.

You have to use the change Wi-Fi network option, which includes resetting the sync module. If you did not do that, you may well receive that error. Couldn’t say, because it has never been an issue for me, and I have done it many times for tests etc.

Support document below:


Good luck.

This problem was resolved. Thanks to the help of customer service. Nice job!


I have the same error from this morning [NSURLErrorDomain error-1011].

My cameras are 500 km away, can you tell me how you solved with customer service this issue?
I also sent support ticket for this, but I wanna know what can I expect…

Hello, I have the exact error message: [NSURLErrorDomain error-1011]. What did you do to by-pass this to get to the next step???

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Same issue works fine with phone data but wifi.

OK so I googled the error and it says to reboot the router and reset the modem. I think that did the trick. If anyone esle has this issue. May cameras are now installed and working great!

I also had this error on my iPhone and resolved it by powering my iPhone off and back on. Glad it wasn’t a modem/router problem at my mother’s house!