Novice questions on wifi and signal strength

I raised a question about signal strength in the thread ‘Camera not playing back video’, but it’s probably best that I start a new thread now for further discussion.

First, thanks for that helpful reply ronsec, all understood. As there’s no numerical indication, just one to three bars for both sync to wifi and camera to wifi, I expect it will be tricky to home in on an optimum in many cases.

At present my module is a few feet away from the router in my first floor ‘office’, and the camera is directly below in the garden, about 20 ft away from the module. I’m getting the full three bars for camera to module but only one bar for camera to wifi. It appears to be working OK, although that makes me pessimistic about moving the camera to its intended position about 50 ft away.
Q1: What distance do others manage without extra extender/repeater devices please?

In an attempt to improve the strength I changed the network from my BT router to the TalkTalk router used by my wife. I used my iPad to configure Settings > Wifi and then the Blink app Sync Module > Change Wi-Fi Network. It didn’t add another bar so I then changed my iPad setting back again. But Blink still appears to be working, even though I have not gone through the steps to change it!
Q2: How can I tell what WiFi network Blink is using?

Q3: My BT Wi-Fi can be set to 2.4 or 5 GHz. The 2.5 is supposed to be better for range, and the 5 for speed. (Tests show 30 Mbps versus 40 Mbps.). Should I be surprised that so far Blink appears to work with both, despite the specification of 2.4 GHz?

Log into your router and you will see blink in the 2.4ghz section

Sync module WiFi should always show at the router (look for the Sync Unit’s MAC address there .
Camera MAC addresses may show fleetingly or as past devices or on the DHCP list.
I don’t think Sync modules can use 5GHz but am always prepared to be proved wrong

Although a BT Hub won’t help very much information wise if you do use 3rd party range extenders they may have a more useful status page that reports the current WiFI link speed to the sync unit (or a camera on live feed) which is a fast acting indicator and a useful alternative to signal strength for optimising module positioning etc for the best signal

Thanks both.