Notifications without movement

Does the XT notify is sound is detected? I seem to get them if louder noises are heard outside?

Currently they are only set to trip based on PIR detected motion.

I was feeling the same for a while but then when I did a closer study of the environment in the cameras visibility I understood it is not the case. couple of things that triggered false alarm for me are:

  1. Reflection on the window in the camera vicinity
  2. Headlights of the car passing by coming into the vicinity of the camera
  3. mail man or any other person coming right near the end point of the camera but doesn’t actually enter into the visible area.

I didn’t bring it up as I felt this is something every camera may be facing…

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It can’t be from the noise you’re hearing. XT camera doesn’t have a microphone (neither does the indoor camera).

They do.

@Cooperman - where are you getting this information from? I was under the impression the Blink cams have no microphones.

They do have mics but not speakers. Else how would you hear the voices in the video you record or live-view?

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I’m old and easily confused! LOL

Haha sorry, me too I guess. And replying quickly on my phone doesn’t help.

Yes they have microphones for recording sound in a video. Videos can’t be triggered by sound though.

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Speakers would be useful, however the mic is still very good and very sensitive for the size, I’m well pleased with mine.

I had a strange one this morning, Motion clip notification from a camera at 5:59 AM eve though Camera was disarmed at 5:15 AM. When I hit view there was nothing and there was no clip in the queue. First time happened to me. I have updated to the 2.0.11 yesterday. Anyone had this before.

Mine backyard camera triggers every week when the garbage truck is in the alley slamming the garbage can lids but the truck is not visible over my fence.

Just curious, do you mean the camera is usually scheduled to disarm at 5:15, but this time it failed to disarm on schedule? Or the motion notification occurred even though the camera had been disarmed?

What do you think is triggering the camera? Are you sure the garbage cans aren’t lifted up above the top of the fence while the truck is emptying them?

I really do not know what triggered the camera. Even though I had a clip warning I did not have a clip and camera was disarmed. It did not happen again.

The camera is doesn’t see the top of the fence. I think the sound of the banging of the garbage cans is what is triggering it.

Not quite what I asked :slight_smile:
If there is any movement over the top of the fence, it’s possible that the PIR sensor is picking up the movement. The PIR sensor’s field of view probably isn’t 100% the same as the camera lens’.

If there’s definitely no movement over the top of the fence, or the camera is aimed completely away from the direction of the fence, then I’m stumped.

I can’t claim to have any insider knowledge or anything. But according to Blink staff, it’s not possible for camera recordings to be triggered by sound.

@marktheknife is correct the PIR range extends well beyond the frame of view, that is why your camera is triggering. Try angling it down a little further or moving it’s location slightly. He is also correct in stating Blink does not trigger on sound events.

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never had a case where disarmed camera triggered alert… something new!

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One thing I noticed on my camera which is mounted on a tree triggers me tons of false alarms when windy or raining hard. Also my camera that faces the door triggers false alarm when a reflection movement is caught on the window glass frame which is in the vicinity of the camera. Just sharing of some of the cases where I faced false alarm as you could investigate if something similar is there in your case…

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I didnt see where they stated the camera was in a disarmed state…yeah that doesn’t make any sense, that should be impossible. Either the camera didn’t disarm or the app reported the cameras status incorrectly