Notifications or Log for Disable/Enable?

I have teenagers. We’ll start with that.

Blink doesn’t support “Guest Access”, so my only way for the kids to be able to see “Who is at the front door when I’m home alone?” is for me to share the LogIn Credentials for the Blink system with said teenagers.

There are times, that I’d like to know that the kids are staying honest while I’m away, but if the kids disable the cameras, I won’t know unless I check the app. Worse, they could disable, and later re-enable and if I’ve not checked, I would be none the wiser.

Does Blink log the fact the cameras have been disabled/enabled anywhere that I can see?

Is it possible to be notified that the cameras have been disabled/enabled?

Throw me a bone here.

Your first sentence says it all.

Quite honestly, letting the bad guy turn off a camera system that is pointed at the bad guy is…finish that one yourself. My house my rules. What the hell ever happened to that? To allow teenagers to rule the roost, set the rules, F with the security system, etc. is as you already know, a bad idea. It’s right up there with a plate of bacon on the table and telling the dog, don’t eat the bacon. If you really want to see what teens are up to, look at their phone.