Notifications no longer showing camera name

My motion alert notifications on my phone used to show the camera name. For some unknown reason that they no longer do. The notifications now just read “Motion detection at your…” I have checked all of the notification options in both the app and on my phone and they are appropriate. Additionally, I am no longer able to delete the clip from the notification which I also used to be able to do. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the forums! The first thing I would try is to uninstall and reinstall the app. Don’t worry, all your cams and clips when will still be there when you reinstall - you will lose nothing. Let us know how you make out.

Tried that a couple of times but nothing changed.

Are you having the same problem across multiple devices or just the one phone?

I hadn’t thought to ask the question before but I just asked my husband and he said that he is still getting the name of the camera with his notifications. We have the exact same make and model of phone.

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It’s your phone settings, not the app. The notification wording itself probably still includes the actual words, but it is not being displayed by your phone. Maybe you recently started using a larger font, or display option, or changed some other view option, which is cutting off the text because there isn’t room. Think back to a recent change.

I, for example, just now in fact, see “Motion detected at your Rabbi”

What it should have said is, “Motion detected at your Rabbit camera.”, but I have a large font chosen, to make reading my phone easier, for my old eyes.

I have not changed my font size recently but I did try your suggestion and knocked the font size down a notch and I am now able to see enough of the notification to discern which camera. For example “Door” shows as “Do” Problem is now my old eyes are struggling to see things in other apps. Guess I’ll have to make a decision what’s more important :slight_smile: Thanks so much for your help on that.

The “delete clip” option used to show up as a second line on the notification, that has not shown back up. I do see other threads of people having trouble with this feature but there does not appear to have been a resolution that I can find.

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There are other screen scaling options besides font size. Maybe one of those options might suit better?

Android or IOS?


I also have Android. Android just enabled a feature that allows you to increase or decrease the size of messages by using 2 fingers to expand or contract the image by squeezing. This may be your problem. Let us know how you make out.

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I will try that. Thanks!

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