Notifications goes to current live view

can anyone help or offer advice.

When I’m getting the notifications on my android mobile. I click on them, but the video/image I get is the current live view only.

I have to go into the app and then click on the notifications to see what the notifications was.

Welcome to the forum. Most everthing you need to learn about how to use your Blink camera system is in the owners manual ala the support website.

Article you are looking for

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It is, and it does, but when early notification is enabled, it irritates the snot out of me. I want early notification, it’s a good option, but I do not want the notification to take me to live view. It should be a toggled option, or two buttons on the notification. Going to live view is also a cool option, for those that want it, but not when you do not. Pity.

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Notifications is completely off on mine now. Shadows, leaves, small animals, ya that’s too often and too annoying. Part of my living in the country life I guess. If I catch a bad guy outside my house, all I can do is shoo them away. Shoot em outside your home = go directly to jail, do not pass Go - Monopoly game.

I agree. The early notification is “nice” but I do not like the camera moving to live view AUTOMATICALLY. That should be able to be toggled according to need. For example, I want to know when someone is moving around my shops, but when my neighbor is there to mow the lawn, I KNOW someone is there, so there is no need to be concerned about WHAT is happening.

Yes, I can manually turn off those cameras, but that is a PITA. So I generally disarm the HUB for a while, but then I forget about RE-ARMING it.

I would like to see a feature where disarming the hubs works on a timer, so they automatically ARM again after a selected time span.

Hate this too, should not go to live view. Stupid choice.

Yep, just needs to be optional.

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