Notifications alerts

I am now getting 2 notifications when my system arms and disarms on my Android

App update turned on all notifications for me. Had to manually reset them to my liking.

Which app update?
I’ve seen none.

I’ve posted on this issue with iOS. I’m getting A/D notifications, despite having the option turned off. Still waiting to hear back from blink.

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LOTS of app updates in 2020 for Android. Current version is 6.0.15 with build # 532900.

You have to realize there are different versions and builds depending on what camera models you have. I only have the original XT outdoor. So the mini indoor, original white indoor, and XT-2 outdoor don’t apply to my mobile app. The 3rd generation goodies that came out yesterday don’t apply either of course.

Those with IOS/Apple version will also be a different version and build.

So what I have and how it reacts vs. what you have and how that reacts, can be very different. Blink has too many combinations for consistency in troubleshooting results by the arm chair quarterbacks. The first question is going to have to be what model camera are you talking about. Then what version of the mobile app. Next up is all the goods that make up your wifi network.

That’s going to make tech support’s job a big change from the fairly easy peasy last couple of years. Oh ya, Blink is hiring big time! 40 open positions currently.


True that you may have different cameras, and even app appearance and behaviour as a result, but I very much doubt there are different versions of the app, based on what you have. Too difficult for play store to manage that. Doesn’t even know you have a Blink system, when you choose to download and install it. Apple/iOS version, I have no doubt will be different, since it’s an entirely different operating system.

I, for example, also have 6.0.15 with build number 532900, but I don’t only have the original XT cameras, I also have XT2s.

App behaviour is modified between the two, and there are features available for the XT2 that simply don’t show for the XT. App detects the camera type in question, and displays what is appropriate.

As for the original post, and ceedee’s post and other thread, I have that notification turned on, so I have always been getting notifications for arm/disarm, but I’ll turn it off now, see what happens, and report back.

That’s what I meant. Display what is appropriate = different versions of the app. No enhanced activity zones, no 2 way talk, no early notifications are examples for me. You took it literally with app revision/build numbers.

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