Notifications alerts are failing

Is anyone else having issues with notification alerts? The camera will detect the motion but I won’t get notified until later on…and they flood in, like if I have 23 motions I won’t know until like an hour after and the alert will a come at once. So for example, I have dogs in my house…I will leave in the morning and arm the cameras. I will check the blink app like 3 hours later and I have like 60 motion alert recording but never got a notification. Then 20 mins later they all flooded my phone all at one time. My setting are correct notifications are on and the pop up on screen are on and sound and all is on…do not disturb is turned OFF. what’s the problem? It use to work the first few weeks I had it but not now…I have to manually bring up the app and check it

YES! Both my wife’s phone and mine are doing this exact same thing. We have tried everything to get it to work with no avail. To date neither blink tech support or android@blinkforhome have replied or provided any input on how to fix the problem… We have already missed a package delivery and someone around our front door while we were at the store… It is odd… Working for half a day then nothing, then working… It is a huge annoyance and worse a security issue.

Same thing here, wife and I used to both get alert notifications to our phones… then one day mine stopped, but hers kept working. Now, months later hers has stopped too. So frustrating!!

So I just went through a troubleshooting list, verified notifications were allowed on both our phones. Then I logged us both out of the app and logged us both back on. Went out and triggered a camera and my alerts are working again on both phones! Hope this helps.

I’ve recently started having issues too, and I think it’s some inability of the app to choose the right method of connectivity, or switch between the two. I have my phone set to aggressively discard connections that do not have internet. Works well for all other applications. For example, I walk out of range of my WiFi, and it won’t try hard to cling on to that connection anymore, when there is little to no connectivity available, it will switch aggressively to 4G. I don’t have a volume/cost issue for mobile data, so I was happy to choose that option on my phone.

Other apps seem to cope with the switch, from one service to the other, but Blink seems not to. When you force a log out, and log back in, you make sure it is connected to, and using the current active, working connection, so your alerts are restored to normal function.

My example, I did the mowing yesterday, and forgot to disarm one of my cameras. I rode round and round tripping it dozens of times. Not a single alert, I was outside, and away from my WiFi, possibly the connection that Blink thought it should be using. Had I had an alert, I would have disarmed, but no, lots of wasted recordings.

I’d been periodically chatting to someone on whatsapp, and saw a couple of emails come in, but no Blink alerts, so my phone, or other apps knew what to do.

On finishing the mowing, I walked back into the house, and my phone picked up the now strong WiFi signal. As soon as it connected, back to the connectivity source I had been using earlier, bing, bing, bing, bing …, over and over, alert after alert.

Seems to me they’ve tried to do something with how the app uses your phone’s connectivity, and have not implemented it correctly. I believe this is a relatively recent change.

I’m 100% certain the notifications are being pushed from the Blink servers in a timely fashion, but the app is not making use of the connectivity of the phone correctly.

Blink user base being beta testers once again?