Notification problems

I have a new phone and it transfered all the apps. Since then all is working ie module is linked as well as the cameras. The only thing not working is the notification I should get in the notification area at the top of the phone. The camera records it OK but no notification. Any ideas

There are two places where you can set notifications. In the app, and in your phone’s settings.

Both are activated

iOS notifications are broken. Are you on an iPhone?

Hi. No android

Hi Chris
I have uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it. All working now.
Thanks for your assistance.

So if I do that do I have to re-do serial numbers right? I’m not getting notifications, especially in “do not disturb” mode but I have it set to allow it.

I am having the same issue. and no resolution from a reinstall

Hi all I have no notification one any of my three cams uninstalled modules as adviced by blink services and done most things but still no notifications help .

I have tried deleting camera’s and blink app and redone all and still the same also got them on my iPad still no early notifications so got to be camera’s battery says ok so what can I try next.

Is there a doorbell camera that works with the blink security system?