Notification Options

I have Blink Outdoor Camera and using IOS. I’ve noticed a problem with Events and Alerts under Notification Options. I turn all the options on under Event and Alerts, but when I check back just moments later or throughout the day, sometimes they’re still on but more often than not, all the options are once again de-highlighted.

This happens many times during the day and night. Can someone please tell me why these are continually turning off? It’s annoying and, quite frankly, driving me nuts. Any answers out there?

I have android and they turn ON all by themselves after a mobile app update. Easy enough to go back in and reset them the way I want them.

IOS version of app…Notification issues has been complained about for…years.

Hi Joel

But these alerts are turning off, not on, multiple times a day, every day. I doubt Blink is updating the app this regularly. And even if it did, why would it turn off important alerts?

I want to get all these alerts, especially when the camera senses motion. But when they keep turning off, I won’t. I don’t understand why this is happening constantly.

Neither do I. I’m on Android, not IOS. You’ll have to wait for fellow IOS users to chime in. Read that link while you’re waiting.