Not recording full length and missing movement

I have a new install with three cameras, all cameras are up to date and showing full bars reception to both WiFi and sync module. I have the cameras set to record the max of 60 seconds until movement has stopped. This isn’t happening, I typically get 5 to 10 seconds of video which stops even though there is still movement. Also there are instances where movement isn’t sense on the fringe edges of cameras, it just simply never triggers.

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I’ve noticed the same thing.

Outdoor frontdoor cam set to 20 seconds end early of motion stops

Someone will leave my house and it will start when the shadow of the person is detected, so awesome. Then it ends at 7-8 seconds while they are still moving around and locking the door and clearly still in view of the camera and motion is still evident.

Today it caught the mailman leaving the front door area, got 1/2 across yard in 6 seconds and the recording stopped when he was clearly still walking sideways across yard and still working my preset time of recording.

Time to set them all to 30 seconds and NOT end clip early to see that happens

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things that affect clip recording length are usually battery related. The battery indicator isn’t accurate, as it measures the batteries with no load. Try replacing if you’re still having issues.

If you’re catching the motion late, it’s 99% probable that it’s the positioning of the camera. Try adjusting angels, location, etc.

I have my cameras hardwired and it’s not catching movement late it’s stopping recording early

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Exactly same thing happening with one of my cameras. Was fine for the first couple of days, but now only records random clip lengths, irrespective of the settings. At 35s and set not to end early, it would record anything between 4s and 28s even with motion still evident in the clip. I tried to experiment today and set it to 10s and it only recorded about 30milliseconds!

Been emailing Blink support, but had no contact back from them in three days since I reset my router, which was their initial suggestion and didn’t help.

System is totally useless at the moment as it can’t guarantee to reliably capture people hanging around my doorway.

I contacted support tool, they sent me a document on how the cameras catch movement. It just seems like the cameras ignore settings. Support leaves something to be desired, its either that they don’t understand what my issue is or they simply don’t have answers to bugs.


This camera system is a huge piece of crap! I knew I should’ve put my foot down when my husband wanted to buy these. I’ve have trouble since day one, & even had to call tech support to get the things to install correctly. Don’t waste your money on this garbage!

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Thanks for sharing!

Same. Outdoor camera will randomly not detect motion of cars driving or people walking in clear view of the camera, but no clips recorded (know this because a different camera will trigger, but not my driveway camera). Clips will end early before the person or vehicle is even done moving.

The most frustrating thing of all is that my camera is constantly firing false positive clips where there is literally no motion occurring, but reps seem to think it’s related to “temperature changes” in view of the camera. So it can sure detect temperature changes, but can’t detect clear motion! UGH!

Same problem here.
The camera is only recording 1-2 secs of footage instead of 20 seconds configured on settings.
For few more euros I can buy the EuFy cam that is incredible better (I have one, and works like a Swiss Watch).
I hope blink can fix this issue soon.

Identical issue!;
Set clip length to 20 seconds, ‘End Clip early if motion stops’ disabled. Records only 2-5 seconds. Brand new. Decent WiFi signal.

Move it indoors, to test, and put it close to the router and sync module. If you get full 20 second recordings in such circumstances, you know you have a WiFi or sync module comms issue, that is causing the problem. If it doesn’t correct itself under such circumstances, log a support ticket.

Totally agree. Wish I hadn’t wasted my money. So many glitches. Amazon’s worst product/service ever.

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Same problem and this is only one of many problems!

I have spent countless hours trying to resolve so many issues with this system and I’m
Spending $10/month to see videos that are
NOT getting recorded to my specifications that I have set. This is junk!

Blink system is a POS!