Not Receiving All MP4 Files

I’ve been using my Blink outdoor system for about 3 weeks now.
I can see numerous video files but when I receive my backups to the 256 gb USB drive there are nowhere near the number of files that I can view through the Sync Module. Some of them do take a few days to appear but there are still many missing. Once I get to that 60 day mark I’m sure a lot of them will purge out.

I was using the Blink version 256 GB USB drive and Sync mount.
The USB drive has a brand name Gresur.
Switched to a Samsung MUF-256AB flash drive and the problem is solved.
All clips are now coming thru daily.

It has been reported, many times already in the forum, that dismounting the USB drive, via the safely eject option in the app, and then choosing the remount option, brings back full functionality. Maybe switching it out, just ran you through that procedure anyway.

Glad it’s working for you now, but it may well not be because you switched USB drives. You could do the same once more, and use the other drive again, just as a test, just to confirm for others if it really was a drive specific problem.

For me, Samsung is a much more well known brand than Gresur, but who knows. For all I know, Gresur could be the world leader, lol. Not all drives are made equal though, with some not even complying with the required standards, so your discovery is certainly a possibility.

It’s worth bearing in mind my first paragraph though, just in case you suffer the same issue in future. In which case, if other reports in the forum are accurate, you can just choose the demount and remount options in the app, without even having to physically remove the drive.