Not loading | Constant crashing | Live view failed

Hello, my name’s Douglas and I recently purchased a Blink security system. I’m all about Amazon so I was excited to get my camera kit. I put everything together, mounted all the cameras, and set everything up. I’m having horrible connection issues with the camera. When I test my internet speed (WIFI,) I’m at 226 down and 5.28 up. From what I understand, that should be plenty good. I rent my router from Spectrum, so it’s top of the line. I have the base close to the router, I originally had it mounted under my work desk, but I thought maybe the issue was placement, but even after I moved the location I’m still experiencing these issues. Can you guys please help me troubleshoot the issue? I appreciate your time.

Most issues are related to batteries and/or WiFi connectivity.

Grab your cameras, and put everything in one room. Does everything work?

Sync modules AND cameras need a solid WiFi connection. In addition, sync modules and cameras communicate via a separate radio signal.

My guess is that the WiFi connection is not good. A very poor connection will have a significant impact on throughput.