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Only had cameras for 3 months. Why are they having problems when I try to live view? Shouldn’t be batteries. They are under eve of house. Takes upwards of 1 min to view or retrieve. Worked great first 2 months. Nothing has changed.

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try re booting your wifi and sync module to see if tha helps.If it doesnt then try changing batteries in one to see if that cures it

Something has changed!

95% of Blink issues are related to WiFi and/or batteries

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Same issues! Bought 2 mini Plug-ins, 3 in-door wireless and 3 outdoor wireless. After 1 month we began getting low battery message, but in good faith we purchased new batteries and an additional 3 pack of the outdoor cameras, because we were happy so far. After we changed the batteries we also changed the settings to the “use less battery” option as suggested by Blink customer service. Before we got around to opening and putting up the new 3 pack of outdoor cameras, we started having issues with connection. Ever couple of days “live view not available” errors kept happening. We also got battery low AGAIN, it had only been 3-4 weeks since we changed the settings and batteries. Never even put up the new 3-pack of outdoor cameras because Blink customer service just kept telling us to re-sync the camera’s, and restart the sync module. We decided to return them to Best Buy who accepted them because they weren’t open yet. We asked Best Buy to exchange the open cameras, for new ones, again, giving Blink the benefit of the doubt and thinking, maybe we just got a bad bunch and that it was some sort of defect. Hopeful another set would work as we had originally experienced with Blink. No luck, Best Buy was a dead end, sighting that they were opened and outside the return policy, fair but that was because we had originally been happy and bought a new set and batteries from best buy to prove we had high hopes for the cameras. Best Buy claimed that if there was a defect with the cameras Blink covered them under their manufacturer warranty. Mind you, it had been 2 weeks of back and fourth with Best Buy by then. We reached out to Blink again with proof of our our purchase, customer support calls, and emails all explaining our troubleshooting. We jumped through 2.5 weeks of email hoops, just for them to say that the cameras were fine, and had no defect. They kept referring to the low battery issues, as our fault due to “high usage”, not sure how that’s possible since we are a typical family of 4 and had even changed the settings to the “lower battery use” mode as per their suggestion. Blink ignored our issues with the “no live feed available” error and our questions regarding why we had to consistently re-sync the cameras to the module. Ever 3-4 days we had to reboot the sync module because the cameras were not detected or we received a “no live feed available error”. Why have security cameras up that are unreliable? Working on and off here and there does not serve the purpose of safety. Quite possibly the worst customer service, we’ve ever experience. We really did not want our money back, we just wanted the cameras to work as advertised which is why we asked that they swap them as defected. If a customer isn’t happy, and believes a product to be defective why not swap out for them? I explained that the cameras we had were either defective and therefore eligible for exchange through warranty, or if not defective then the Blink products do not work as described and advertised. If it was the latter, then I wanted my money back because the product I bought does not work as promised. Blink said the cameras were not defective and therefore not eligible for exchange. To us, this means that they are not the quality they claim to be and not worth the box they came in, they have refused to exchange or refund. Very very unhappy with cameras as they do not consistently work, batteries last 1-2 months tops and live feed is always “unavailable”. Do not waste your money, they’ll only be good for a couple of months and Blink won’t stand by their product.

You do realize there are hundreds of thousands of customers and millions of Blink and Ring cameras all over the world running with happy customers. Amazon owns both Blink and Ring. I’ve been here 3 years now and the one thing I notice is if you buy Blink from Blink or Amazon, the support is good for the most part. If you buy from a 3rd party retailer…not so much. Hell Kohl’s sells Blink and they don’t know a damn thing about wireless cameras. Do you really think Best Buy knows the technical ins and outs of Blink cameras? Chances are the Best Buy sales person you deal with is half ■■■ clueless at best. And I can guarantee Geeks Squad isn’t gonna touch Blink - not enough money in it for them.

Getting back to your situation, the issues you describe sound like high usage as well as low wifi signal. High usage you already adjusted for. Low wifi will eat batteries as well as give poor camera performance. To confirm yes or no about wifi home network issues, Blink has a free software you can download to do tests. You do those tests and then report back to Blink what the findings were.

Did you do those wifi network tests and if so, what was the name of the software package you used?

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