Nonexisting customer service

I so regret purchasing Blink cameras now, up until now I didn’t deal with customer service and I was happy with ST integration. Forgetting the boneheaded decision to kill that integration, I am trying to reach customer service now with no luck.

I had one interaction where I was told I can return my cameras with in 12 months due to ST decision but now there is no answer when I am trying to get confirmation on the refund amount before I ship back cameras and worry that they will be gone for good without no refund.

Considering the silence from Blink on this, I am wondering if the company is going under?

Did you try calling support 781-332-5465

No because website specifically mentions that number is only for tech support and not for order support:

“We are not able to help with placing or changing orders through this number. For any pre-sales, sales, shipping, or order inquiries, please submit your request here and a member of our Sales Team will get back to you as soon as possible”

I overlooked that, good to know.

Hi @bertanaygun,

Sorry you are having trouble getting in touch with our support team. Could you please provide me your case number so I can look into this for you?

My case number is 122264. As mentioned I want to get some clarification on what the return policy is for customers that were using Blink with Smartthings.

It would be great if you could update us when you get something definitive.

Would appreciate an update as well. My RMA request was met with the canned e-mail about discontinuing support for ST (although they type says continue) and no reference or response to the RMA request.

@nick_at_blink any clarification how refunds will work for those systems purchased with in 12 months?


Please call the support line and talk to my team, each scenario is different.



Hi @Bob_at_Blink, first of all your website doesn’t have any general support line. In fact the website itself states you have to email for order related or general questions and phone support is only for technical issues. But I assumed you knew this so tried to reach technical support last week and failed after waiting 30 minutes for 2 times.

At this point I take it Blink customer service lied to us initially when they said they would honor returns since question is a really simple one and applies to many people on this website.

Question is:
Will Blink accept returns of purchases made from Blink’s website with in 12 months of announcement date to end Smartthings integration even if those cameras are in used state and doesn’t ship in original packaging with missing accessories in some cases?

I highly doubt the answer to this question varies case by case.

@bertanaygun, I sent a PM to you.

@ community, as it’s been reported by others as well as us, We will refund your purchase upto 1 year back from the date of announcement. Open a ticket and in Category select General Question, Subject - SmartThings
You’ll need to provide a valid invoice or order number we can verify from one of our sales outlets.