No notifications when off of Wifi

I ran a quick search on this but most answers were older and didn’t fix the issue.
I used to get notifications sent to my phone when motion was detected even when I’m away from home and not connected to WiFi.
I’ve noticed that I’m now only getting notifications to my phone when I’m at home on my WiFi. The system is armed and I haven’t changed any settings.

I’ve tried resetting my phone, the sync, and taking out batteries.
Any ideas?

Do you receive emails, and can you browse the internet on your phone, when you’re away from home?

EDIT: Turn off your Wi-Fi on the phone, whilst at home, to test, if you’re unsure.

I’m actively receiving emails and can browse the internet. Everything works fine, just no notifications. I can also live view the camera

EDIT: Just received a notification. Very sporadic.

This seems to be more of a phone issue.

Try checking your battery saver or data saver settings. Your phone may be killing the blink app while not on WiFi to reduce data consumption.

All battery/data saving settings are off

Last stitch effort would be to delete the app and reinstall it; however, it really seems to be a phone issue and not a system issue.

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To back up what Austin has said, if you’re always getting notifications when on Wi-Fi, and they are on time, then it proves that they are always being pushed out and quickly enough. It therefore follows that when you are not on Wi-Fi, they must also still be being pushed out, because at this point the phone and the app are not in the loop, as follows: Camera detects motion, begins recording, uploads to Blink server, finishes recording, and notification is pushed. This sequence must always be happening, because you say it works on Wi-Fi. The breakdown therefore must be getting the push to the phone, when not on Wi-Fi, and this must surely mean that you have intermittent or no mobile data, for whatever reason.

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And not always obvious as you may be getting a decent signal but not data

I’m having the same problem, no longer getting notifications informing the system is offline. What good is that when I am away from home?

My notifications used to be on point but after many app updates this has became an issue.

It doesn’t sound like you’re having the same problem. When I originally made this post over 5 months ago, I was not having any issues with being offline.

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I am also having a similar problem, and am doubtful that it is a data (or lack of data) issue. It worked perfectly on my previous phone, which got damaged and needed to be replaced. I replaced it with the exact same model phone, but am not receiving alerts outside of wifi at the house. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, checked my battery saver settings, etc. Very frustrating!

Okay, I may have found the answer for my phone. With great new phone I incurred a large amount of data (I have unlimited) setying it up with apps and such. However, it appears that Data Saver was on even though its not necessary. It seems as if ghost may have been limiting the functions on my phone.