No live view and horrible background noise

I have recently purchased a blink outdoor camera. I have full bars on the camera. Whenever i get a recording the background noise sounds really bad.
The second issue I have is that the live view does not work. I have tried all the reboots recommended on here but if they do work they don’t last long.
Is this the quality I am to expect? I have an Arlo system and it is bulletproof. This system seems to have a lot of downfalls and bugs. The price is good, the video is great, the detection works well but the audio and live view are complete failures. I don’t need these features as much as the others but they would be nice if they worked!

The audio is bad, it gets worse, if you have it in any kind of case, or close to a wall, table top, etc.

Live view always fails? Are you only trying to watch live view while its recording? That will always fail.

does it fail, if you have it right next to you wifi and synch module? Do you have full bars for both connections?

I have the sync module 5 feet from the network and have full bars, I also have the camera about 8 feet from the module and have full bars. the camera is not armed during the testing.

The module is mounted outside by the front door. The entrance is covered by the deck so it is not enclosed. It is close to a wall, it is mounted to it. The camera faces away from the wall.

Why when you have a bulletproof product you like, would you actually purchase a different brand? Then complain about it online in your first post when you already know before buying that…this system (Blink) seems to have a lot of downfalls and bugs. Sounds like yet another first post bash Blink new forum member to me. But what do I know!

Bottom line is ALL brands of these inexpensive damn near disposable fully wireless cameras work good enough for most people. But certainly not everyone. And they certainly don’t work perfectly. There are way too many variables in home user wireless network situations. Those networks are getting more and more congested as users keep adding on smart devices for home automation. So then home users add fancier more powerful routers that do automated optimization for bandwidth throughput. Blink doesn’t play nice with that new router technology as reported here over and over again.

Remember Blink is very entry level and priced accordingly. I’m convinced Amazon keeps Blink dumbed down on purpose so as not to infringe on sales of Ring products. If Blink doesn’t work, you have 2 choices. Warranty exchange or return for refund.

If you like Blink enough to try and troubleshoot issues your home network may have, then continue forward with this.

I have the one system on my house and bought the blink for my second. The first was a gift.

I read great reviews about the blink so I thought i would give it a try. Maybe you are satisfied if something you bought doesn’t work as it’s suppose to but I am not! Yes I know it won’t be as good as a more expensive system but how do I know if it is defective or not if I don’t ask?

I came on here to get help, but it seems you just get rude remarks like yours instead!

I have 10 of the new outdoor blink cameras, and 2 sync module 2’s, I have had them for 7 months now…

Heres what I can tell you from my experience…

  1. Audio is not great. 8 of my cameras are connected to a wall. Their audio sucks. It has the hum in them. I have 2 that are mounted mostly out in the open. Their audio is fine.

  2. Live view - what errors are you getting when you try to connect to it?

On a weekly and what used to be a daily basis, new people would come on here to bash Blink. Those people could be real, reps from the competition, or simply bots

The last sentance I wrote you was…
If you like Blink enough to try and troubleshoot issues your home network may have, then continue forward with this.

So now it’s time for you to put the help you sought out into action.
You have two people giving you hints and ideas to try. Realize the following.

You cant have a speaker micophone combo in a closed area without getting feedback
You can’t get clean streaming (live view and video clips) if you have network issues
You can’t rely on an indoor device that is mounted outdoors (sync module)

You are supposed to test all the Blink hardware and software inside your house first. Confirm it works well during day as well as night. Then and only then do you do more testing by moving the cameras outside. When you are happy with outside performance, then you mount them in the location you want. This is what professional installers do. Blink fail to tell customers to do this as it would make self install procedure a pain in the asz. Tough install = less sales = not the Amazon way. .

So yes you can get help here. But never ever forget your first post. Arlo is bulletproof and Blink sucks. Don’t blame me for the response. Blame yourself.