No light at night?

My 2 other cameras give off a faint light but my 3rd does not. It works but is a black screen and i can faintly see the outline of the area it covers. Is this a battery issue?

It could be a battery issue but I would check the cameras settings to be sure the IR illumination is turned on (it could have accidentally been turned off). Let us know how you make out.

Are you using third party covers of any description?

Night vision control is set to automatic
Ir intensity is MED

Yes…bought the rubber covers from Amazon. No issues since purchased, until now and only on 1 camera (out of 3)

Take it off, and see what happens. The rubber covers I saw on Amazon, cover the IR illuminator on the outdoor, even though the technical blurb states quite clearly it is suitable for the outdoor. Most are not.

If removing the camera’s cover doesn’t fix the problem put in a new set of batteries. If that doesn’t work contact tech support - you may have a defective camera.

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Hello, I have the same issue with my Blink outdoor! IR is set to same automatic and mid brightness.
I also have activated a time schedule.
When i play around in the IR settings (turning off and on, switching brightness levels) it is working for one period, but when the next time schedule is turning off the sync and on again I have again no IR active, though it is set to ON in the settings.
Already contacted support: wanted fotos from the mounting position, a video, that shows no IR and SN of cam… lets see what is coming back.