No downloading of clips in android 10

Updated all our phones to android 10, now we cannot save clips from our cameras. Getting “Unable to save clip” message.

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Same here.

Ok so it’s not just me. Hope Blink is working on an update. I like to save clips of all my deliveries; ups, amazon, etc. I can email myself a clip but I’d rather not.

No problems here. Make sure the app has permission to access storage. On my first download, I was prompted to grant permission.

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It works just fine on my ZTE Blade Android 10 phone. Same thing for me, you have to grant permission access. movie clip saved to phone not sd card by default. Folder location home/phone/movies.

I have a Motorola Moto G7. Worked fine saving clips til update/upgrade to 10. Not the only app I’m having trouble with. Update changed all my sounds I had for apps and notifications, too. I have all permission set to Allow. I moved Blink to Internal storage and still no luck. I’m thinking it may be the stupid Google Photos app pre installed on phone. Hate it. Probably a phone brand problem. If I figure it out I’ll update. I’ll check back in case someone else has a solution.

I have a G Power running A10. No issues.

Does not affect mine. ZTE Blade Android 10 phone.

One thing you can try is take out the add on micro SD card. Restart your phone. Blink clip dowloads will then be forced to use the internal memory built into the phone. Again, app permissions to access various features on the phone must be set correctly.

I saw that Blink had a new update and so I installed update… I can now save video clips to my movie folder in Google Photos, which is the default photo app on my phone. Thanks Blink Team!

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