No Android notifications

I have a Galaxy S10 running Android. It appears as though Blink is sending notifications, because they’re listed under recent, but they’re never pushed out by the phone. Yes I’ve checked everything. There’s no option to prioritize the notifications on this phone, so that plan is out. Works just fine on my wife’s iPhone. Frustrated and thinking of returning the system. It’s no good to me without alerts

By chance are you running do not disturb? I have a note 9, and everything is working fine. I don’t believe it’s an app issue

Your battery saver options might be putting app/notifications to “sleep in the background” when phone screen is off.

Do not disturb is not running and the app isn’t being put to sleep

I have an S10 Plus and have no problem receiving notifications. When you say that you’ve checked everything, in addition to making sure you have notifications turned on in the app, you need to click on each type of notification (ie Motion Notification), make sure it is turned on, then choose the settings for each type, I have Show as Popup selected, choose the Sound you want, I also have Vibrate selected, I have App Icon Badges selected, Show Content on Lock Screen, and Ignore Do Not Disturb. You need to set these for each individual type of notification you want to receive (General, Health, Motion, Schedule, System Offline). You can access all of the settings either in the app or in your phone settings. It looks like it is just radio button to turn the notification on/off, but if you click on the text you will see more settings.

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I’ve got a Note 8 and all settings have been reviewed and turned on per the above yet I never get notifications.

Do you receive notifications from other apps?

Note sure if it’s exactly the same on a Note 8, you might have to check your user manual, but go to your phone settings, Lock Screen settings, click on Notifications (these are lock screen notifications, not the regular notification settings), make sure they are turned on, make sure Hide Content isn’t checked, make sure Notifications to Show is set to Alert and Silent (or at least whichever you have your Blink and other important notifications set to), Always On Display settings will let you always display notifications even when you aren’t using your phone or tap to show them for ten seconds. I have App Icon Badges in my Notification settings turned on so if I don’t hear the notification, I see the notification badge at top of my phone the next time I pick it up.

If you go into the Ringtone settings, there is a separate volume setting for Notifications that might be turned off. Strange place for it, but that’s where it is on mine.

If you have Data Saver turned on, some apps may not use data in the background and you won’t get notifications until you’re back on wifi. That’s a choice you’ll have to make.

As much as we hate to do it, phones are so complicated these days that it really does pay off to spend some time with the user manual. I upgraded from a Samsung to a Samsung and absolutely everything changed.

Thanks guys! Yes, my notifications work for everything else. Volumes, etc are on and up. No data saver. All works fine.

When I got the cameras I heard android notifications didnt work. Figured they’d fix it, but doesnt appear so.

I have never had a problem receiving Android notifications, on two different Samsung devices. Unless there is a problem specific to a Note 8 for some reason, your notifications should be working fine if you have them set up properly.

There is a post where someone mentioned that you also need to check your Google Play app and make sure notifications are enabled there. Not sure what else to suggest, it’s always worked without issue for me. It doesn’t appear to be something that Blink needs to fix.

I have a v30 notifications always worked fine replaced my phone with same identical phone and notifications will not work I keep checking every thing I can think of ovet and over but no luck

I was getting notifications before blink app update. I tried for 3 months to figure it out. A few days ago, I decided to logout of the blink app. Lol, when I logged back… All notifications started working. Worth the try. I have the Note 9.

Same thing for me on my Samsung S8, tried everything and made sure nothing related to Blink Notifications was turned off etc. Deleted the App and reinstalled it, Notifications now work! Hooray!

Same here, have galaxy note 9, not recieving notifications, any ideas