No Alexa app for my android OS, what to do?

So in the time I decided to purchase an Echo Show the Alexa App was no longer supported by my android OS. I’ve been able to do basic set up using the site but it does not appear to be able to add this new Routines Trigger thing w/o an Alexa app on my cell phone. Anyone have a workaround?

I’m more than disturbed that between the time I purchased my Alexa dot and then the Echo Show that the app is non longer supported. I should have returned all Alexa devices then and there. Not all of us buy a new phone every year, my phone can not be updated to a newer OS. I’m surprised that Amazon just left us hanging like that. No Alexa for you!

With all due respect, what does this have to do with Blink?

Sorry for the lack of obvious Blink mention, my Alexa Echo device is linked to my Blink Security system and I wanted to add some features that Alexa offers to better monitor my Blink security cameras. I forgot to give the full story. But thanks for the reply, probably the only one I’ll get.

You provided very little info. For instance, what version of Android are you running? We can’t read your mind!

Could possibly try downloading and installing last Alexa app version that previously used to work.
Try this link for older versions:
If this proves to be a working solution make sure you disable automatic app updates.
(Not sure Amazon will allow the use of an older version and may insist on update).

Welcome to the third millennium! I’m afraid this is now the way of the world. I can guarantee that Amazon did not remove support for an operating system that is only one or two versions old. What you failed to mention in your post is that your phone must already be old, by virtue of the fact that first, you cannot get an OS update anymore, and second, the last OS update you have is no longer compatible with Alexa.

You don’t have to change your phone every year, to stay current. Once every three years would be more than good enough, and that is about the planned service life of any of this type of electronics these days. My phone is now 3 years old, and I have Android version 8, which should have me covered for a good while yet

A quick check shows that Alexa requires a minimum of Android 5 now, maybe that’s right? If so that is ancient in these terms. It was released in October 2014. You might still have got a phone with that on it for say a year, tops, and it would probably have been updated for two or three years, which should have you good for sometime yet.

This suggests that your phone must be even older than when Android 5 came out, because you could only ‘get up to’ something less than 5. This is hardly updating your phone every year!

The above has a lot of assumptions, because you provided limited information, but do you expect Amazon to miss out on all the easy to use added features of the latest Android releases forever? Do you want the programmers, with every new release of Alexa, to write it to be backwards compatible with every version of Android? Should they include Android 1 from September 2008? If they did, Alexa wouldn’t be able to do half of the things it can now, because the OS wouldn’t be able to support the things they wanted to do. Should it be able to run on a phone with a tenth of the memory, and a tenth of the disc space too? They already have to have features that are not available on certain devices, in terms of hardware. Can you imagine how difficult this must be with the huge variety of devices and OS versions? The list goes on and on and on.

Hard to know exactly is you have less than 5, but it would seem doubtful, because Blink won’t run on less than 5 anyway, but still the sentiments apply, even if not specifically. Heck, Blink are doing the exact same thing, with their minimum version of Android 5, as you can easily see from this forum.

The time between them selling you something, and announcing removal for support is hardly relevant, if the device you choose to run it on is already many years old. It’s hardly unexpected that if you just scrape in with the bare minimum last ditch spec that worked, that you only have a short amount of time to get by. Did you check when support for your OS version would be removed? They notify everyone of these things way in advance.

If it really is barely over a year old, as you imply, by saying you would have to change your phone every year to keep up, you have a point, but I suspect this is not the case, and we are talking here about a device that is many years old.

Sorry for going on, but I’ve had this discussion over and over from my background in tech support, where people would say the exact same thing about PCs, Windows, and Microsoft Office, etc. Perhaps Office should still run on a Windows 95 PC?

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Thanks for the input and my apologies for the newbie status and not relaying enough information. I sent another note to support with those details. FYI, my phone has Android version 5.0.1. My phone is possibly 2 years old and while I am interested in a replacement phone I haven’t found one worth dropping $$'s on just yet. As you mentioned, in the future I’ll have a more current OS version and be able to function more fully when navigating Blink/Alexa systems. I’m sorry to have wasted everyone’s time, I guess I thought my issue was more common and someone would sympathize and offer helpful suggestions.

Android 5 was released in April 2014, so it’s surprising that a two year old device could be issued with that version, but I suppose it must have been. As I said, mine is three years old, and has Android 8.

Sorry, didn’t mean to to too negative, I was just trying to state the reality of things, in this modern world. I didn’t say I liked it, or that it wouldn’t be better if we didn’t have a disposable culture now, but we do. My perfect phone, has no issues at all, as far as I’m concerned, would be good for another 5 years for me, if it were possible, but it is going to be next to useless in another year or so.

You did have at least one helpful suggestion from DaveA, with regard to getting an older version of the app, but he withdrew it. You could try to get an older version of Alexa, but this would involve stepping outside of the usual supported route for such apps, and Alexa may also say to you that you must update the app to continue using it, bringing you back to where you are now.

If, for example, you were to try this with Blink, to get it to run on an older device, with say kitkat, V4.4, the app will not run, and it will say it must be updated. When you try to update, you’ll find there is no version suitable for your device, because V5 is the minimum spec now for Blink.

By the way, not sure why Alexa won’t run, the info I found was that it runs on V5, but maybe that’s outdated now, not sure. It did say it was hardware dependent too, so is it definitely the OS version that it is objecting to and not the hardware?

I don’t have any useful suggestions, otherwise I would have given them. As far as I know, there is none, because this is how it is now. If you wanted sympathy, then yes, I sympathise with you, and will feel the same, when in a year or so, I have to get rid of my perfectly good phone, for the very same reasons.

The new routine trigger was released only a couple of weeks ago. Many users of Blink may not even know about it yet. The routines are nice to have but not essential to using your cameras. You can use the Amazon Alexa web page to add the Blink SmartHome skill so you can view your camera on Echo Show and give it voice commands on any Echo device.