Night Vision on latest cameras

I’ve just bought the new blink outdoor cameras to add to my ever growing blink collection and the night vision is shocking.

See pics below, the super dark image is the new camera pointing to my drive and the image where you can see my cars is the older version of the camera. Night vision is set to auto (am have ever set to night but still same result). What’s going on?

Are you using any sort of aftermarket mount/cover?

Hi Suttyblink

Yes, a silicone cover… the old camera has the same cover too though. I’ll remove it tonight and see if it helps (never thought that would cause an issue but good shout)

The old camera is different, as can be seen from the thread I linked. Click on the word help above to read the entire thread.

Anyhoo, the IR moved, and will be behind your cover, so no night vision.

You ain’t the first one to fall victim to planned obsolesce. New camera = new cover. No backwards compatability. Even though Blink doesn’t make the covers. The 3rd party sellers…does Amazon get a cut from their sales? Ebay and Paypal get a cut from Ebay sellers revenues. I bet Amazon does also. If so, the profit whores are doing a fine job.

Awesome, that worked a treat. Thank you, I have night vision back :slight_smile:

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