Night vision not working

I upgraded my cameras recently and the night vision does not work. It’s just a black screen. I adjusted the settings and nothing works. My old cameras worked fine. What’s the deal?? It’s very frustrating!!!


Upgraded as in replaced with the new outdoor type? If yes, are you using any previously purchased 3rd party mounts designed for the XT range? If yes, they cover the IR illuminator LED, rendering night vision useless.

Curious about this myself. The same thing has happened with my moms cameras. They work fine during the day but at night they only capture sound. The picture is black. This just recently started with no changes to the settings. They initially worked fine.

As noted above by Sutty, if you are using XT era mounts, encasements, weather covers, etc, on new Outdoor cameras, you will have this problem. They will “fit” on the new cameras, which makes you think they are compatible, but they cover the indicator light and the IR light for night vision on the front of the Outdoor cameras. This will produce pitch-black images after dark if you have them in unlit locations. You’ll hear sound but no picture, just black screen. I found this out the hard way by ordering XT era weather resistant covers for my new Outdoor cams after reading some of the reviews saying that they fit. Yes they “fit” but they prevent the IR light from working. I had the exact same symptoms being described in here. I had to return them, wait for a while until the accessory market caught up and made Outdoor compatible weather covers, which I have now. Sounds like this might be the issue.

No, she has no covers and the cameras haven’t been moved. They were working fine when they were first put up then started doing this. I just wondered if anyone else has had this issue.

Well, if that’s not the case, and you’re sure that your Night Vision Control setting didn’t accidentally get turned off, then I don’t know what else it could be.
I know it sounds like too “duh” of a thing but make sure one more time that the Night Vision Control setting didn’t somehow get turned off. Once in a while in here you hear about settings getting changed when their phone pushes through an update or something like that. It shouldn’t have happened but you never know. I wish you luck in finding the root cause, I don’t have any other ideas right now.

Weak batteries can cause this. Before you resort to anything else, such as placing a support call, you should replace the batteries, in at least one of the cameras, with brand new Energiser lithium ultimate.

I have the same issue with one camera, and this is plugged in!