Night Vision Not working on Blink XT2

Hi all, I having issues with XT2 Camera’s IR. Please see 2 attach photos. The top photos is from my new XT2 Camera. The bottom photo is from my old XT cameras. I have “2” of this XT2 before I am using just “Blink XT” and I have no issues. Right now I have “2” XT2 cameras and “3” XT old cameras. Look at the difference. I can see the wall on the XT2 camera, but that it. But on old XT cameras, it is pretty good. I have 2 XT2 Cameras and they both do the same thing. So it isn’t a hardware issues. And during day it is working fine. I hope someone can help me. I already tried to set the IR Intensity to HIGH. No change!

If you read the other threads, this is a known firmware issue. Blink is working on it.

@Bob_at_Blink, correct?

Correct, we are working on a updated firmware to address this. We were attempting to address concerns with a person being all washed out “Ghosted” and caused this. We are backing out the change and will need to send it through regression testing.



Thank you for the confirmation!

Hello all

We found this as well with our Garage camera. It just stopped going into night vision at night, If it is near a white wall or anything for the IR light to reflect off of (just like the above example) it will do this. I slight adjustment fixes this.

I tested it by placing my spare camera on top of my white washer. Same result. Placed more on the edge with no white under it, it worked fine.

Camera mounted on the wall in the corner, and walls are white. Adjusted camera up and light stopped bouncing off the wall.

REVISED: I just installed two outdoor cameras. One works fine on AUTO IR Illuminator, automatically switching from night vision to color vision during daytime. However, my second camera shows just like your first pic. at nights when on AUTO mode. I’ve had to switch the IR to ON mode to make night vision work. But, wait for it…, during daytime, I continue to get noncolor images. Until Blink fixes this issue, I’m having to manually switch to AUTO mode every morning, then switch back to ON mode during nights for my second camera.

UPDATE: Thanks to Katlizy!! I made a minor adjustment which solved the night vision issue: I’m figuring the camera was too close to the fascia (which is painted white). The fascia board only slightly obstructed the upper edge of the screen view but it seems that was causing the blackout of the images. I’ve relocated the camera to another location where it isn’t too close to the fascia boards. Anyway, getting decent night vision now, without having to switch manually from ON at nights to AUTO for daytimes.

Thanks for the info. I will wait for the fix. As for the position of the cameras. I was using the old Blink XT cameras in the same position and I have no issues with the IR. All I did are pull the old cameras down and put the new XT2 cameras on the wall mount. I didn’t even replace the wall mount with the new one.

I just went all in on Blink and have this same issue. Very disappointing! Can’t see events that may happen at night since no auto IR. almost took it all back but I’ll wait a little longer to see how quick a fix comes.

When??? I think buying the camera and now it doesn’t perform is a scam.

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May I ask how this is a scam? It’s a temporary issue that was caused by Blink attempting to provide FREE updates and features.

Has this issue been resolved yet? Just got my 4 camera package over the weekend unaware of this issue and replaced several of my XT1’s. I had a motion trip in my driveway overnight and checked it out this morning which was nothing but a black screen with sound. I then searched the web and came across this thread.

Not an ideal solution, but as a workaround, from a security perspective, you might be better switching IR to always on. Apparently that works and yes it’s a compromise, because if you don’t remember to switch it off, or set it back to auto, your daytime shots will be in black and white, but at least you won’t end up with nothing at night, for what might be a significant event. Do your own test, when dark, having set it to on, and adjust intensity as required, and see if it works for you as it has for others.

Not defending Blink, in my opinion it should have been rolled back immediately, as soon as the first reports came in, but at least you don’t have to send it back, if you’re prepared to wait. I’m sure there’ll be a fix, in the not too distant future and in the meantime, the worst you should have to face is a black and white daytime video.

I don’t know why they don’t roll them back when such things happen, it seems obvious to me. Similar things have happened a number of times since I’ve owned Blink, which is only around nine months, and each time I’ve been perplexed about why they don’t roll back. I can only think that other bundled enhancements outweigh the drawback, in their opinion, but what those might be I couldn’t say. If it is that, I think they should work with one thing at a time, but then they were/are probably under severe pressure to get the XT2 operating more like it should, with the multiple reported issues by many.

We’d have a better idea, if they had release notes, but I’ve never found those, if indeed they exist in the public domain. Shame really, the last time a similar event occurred, I thought, surely this will be a lesson learned, and it won’t happen again, but here we are.

All I’d suggest to anyone, if you didn’t already, is to log a support ticket, just so that they’ll get a better feel for the significance of the issue.

Temporary issue? This has been weeks now since the update was pushed out. Any ‘bugs’ should have been
corrected BEFORE a product is launched not within a month of launching it when it was working properly.
I’m sorry but I expect my product to be working correctly and expect FREE updates along with the purchase of a product.
I have never heard of a company charging for an update of their product. It was a scam to get consumers to purchase a product
and then it does not work as advertised.

Tell me what you can see when the motion sensor went off in the below clip… Is this a camera you want to purchase?

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Wouldnt you say its a scam to get people to purchase and then the product does not work as it should?
This should have been fixed before launching the product.

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I have to agree with Sheryl on this. The firmware fix should have been addressed by now.


The FW update was pushed after product launch. I can testify to that, after owning both XTs and XT2s since original launch. And a lot of companies charge for continuing updates. It’s called a monthly fee. Why is it taking them so long? I have no idea. I wish they would just roll the FW update back.

But to the term scam is incorrect.


Clearly you have a different understanding of the term ‘scam’ than I do. I thought a scam was when someone deliberately sets out to deceive you, and part you from your hard earned money, without ever intending to deliver a product or service, for which the money was handed over.

In this case, it is abundantly clear that their intention was to deliver you a working product. They then made a mistake, with a firmware update, and they broke something that had already been working, whilst trying to provide you with an enhancement. If it was a scam, there would never be any intention of correcting this issue.

I don’t know how long it will take, I know it’s frustrating, I don’t think this should happen to begin with, and the fix should be faster, but there’s no question that a fix will arrive, and this is not a scam, by any definition of the word.

Disappointing, unacceptable, poor show, bad form. Many ways to described it, but scam is not one of them.

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You dont think this update was scheduled with what was being released?
I’ve worked on many projects and an update is VERY much planned with what is being fixed, when, ect.
To release an update AFTER a product launch to cripple the product working at night was done certainly so
it did not impact their product launch. I was one of those consumers who purchased it the day it was released eager to buy it. Of course they did not want to stall their release of the product they had too many people waiting.
Scamming the consumer in my opinion.

I agree with all those terms too. I find it hard to believe they did not know this was going to happen but did not want their launch to be impacted. Why push an update out so fast after a release shouldn’t the product have been flawless?
Where is Blink and why haven’t they provided an update on when its going to be fixed?
How about some action instead of good intention fixing it. I’m sorry but I’m beyond annoyed at the many things not working properly with this camera.

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