New XT2 camera with firmware 10.35

I just received a 2-pack of Blink XT2 cameras from Amazon, had some trouble connecting 1 camera (have not tried the 2nd) to my existing sync module that I already have 2 cameras on.

I finally got it to connect but can’t get a live stream out of it.

While checking the settings for the camera I see it has firmware 10.35 on it. This is really weird because my other 2 Blink XT2 cameras have firmware 8.53.

If I try an update my existing 2 XT2 cameras they stay on firmware 8.53 and say that is the latest.

So what is this firmware 10.35 on the camera that Amazon sent me? Is it not compatible with the current sync modules out there ??

Blink is not in the habit of letting users know what the current firmware is or what fixes/features are contained in a particular firmware.

I suggest you call Blink Technical Support and ask them verbally. If you get an answer, we would like to know as well. Creating a Service Ticket or emailing Blink will generally result in getting an answer to a question, just not your question.

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Thats an unfortunate position of the company, to deny IT and other
professionals from making sure they have the latest firmware. i
can imagine some legal liability to Blink from cases where your
camera is involved in some case, especially ones where injury a

Just a thought.

Regards, Dana.

Blink has legal counsel (in-house & external).

The terms and conditions limit the liability: “Without limiting the foregoing and unless otherwise required by applicable law, in no event will our or our licensors’ aggregate liability for any claim arising from or relating to this Agreement or use of your Blink Device with respect to any claim exceed the greater of fifty dollars ($50.00) and the amount you actually paid for your Blink Device.”

All the new blink outdoor cameras are on firmware 10.35

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I had a closer look at the camera and it clearly is different from all the XT2’s that I bought in September of this year.

For one thing inside the dipswitch is missing for turning off the blue light on record, and instead I can control the on/off from within the settings off the app, but only for those 2 new cameras, not the ones bought in September.

Also, removing the backing is no longer a fight with that stupid rubber knob, then prying it off. It’s actually a screw, and they provide a tool to unscrew it. Much better design for sure, holds the back on tight.

So the fact I cannot upgrade my existing cameras to that firmware version tells me that these 2 new cameras must be some sort of new 3rd generation of the product that has begun shipping.

It’s a shame they didn’t clearly advertise it as some Blink XT2 v3, but I guess from a business standpoint that would make all v2 sales grind to a halt and resellers would be sitting on inventory no one wants.

All my XT cameras are on 2.151.
All my XT2 cameras are on 7.98.

I don’t have an outdoor, but it seems logical that it would have a different firmware again, 10.35 as confirmed by bradyapba, especially based on the above.

Sticknut, you sure they didn’t ship outdoor cameras, instead of XT2s?

Ah, you posted as I did. Yes, you have new outdoor cameras. This is particularly important, unless you were an existing Blink customer, before 15th April 2020. Were you?

Hmmm, if your XT2 cameras are on 7.98 and my XT2 cameras that I bought in September are on 8.53, and the 2 new XT2 cameras bought in October 10.35 then it tells me that Blink has many versions of the XT2 out there, each with it’s own firmware.

I think it’s a real design flaw that regardless of hardware versions you can still have the same new firmware be applied to all XT2 cameras (minus the features that are not present between versions).

Nope, only became a customer as of Sept.2020, and all my cameras are the same XT2 indoor/outdoor (I use them outdoor).

The camera you just described is like the new outdoor, with the new back, no dipswitch, etc, and not like the XT2, though to be sure, send us a picture. Firmware version would seem to suggest the new outdoor camera too.

If they shipped you outdoor, instead of XT2, you will probably have a problem with subscription.

The XT2 is marketed as indoor/outdoor, so it is odd that the now camera being sold is only marketed as “outdoor”. IMHO the new one is better suited to outdoor use with the screw that puts the backing on tight.

For the curious I am attaching a side-by-side picture of the XT2 with Firmware 8.53, and the new “Outdoor” (not even XT2 anymore) with Firmware 10.35.

My bad. I see now from their website that Blink has moved on from the XT2 and they now have the new product line of “Blink Outdoor” and “Blink Indoor”. That explains the slight difference in hardware and firmware.

Welp, not sure I’ll be staying with Blink then. Bought XT2 in September, now they sell “Outdoor” in October, what’s next…“Outdoor 2” by December? Too rapid a product lifecycle for my budget.

Right, as I said previously, and now confirmed by the photos, you have the new outdoor camera. Your problem now is not that things will change so quickly, they haven’t, the XT2 has been around for more than long enough to be considered almost old now, your problem is that you have bought a camera, or set of cameras, that do not give you free cloud storage. The new range of Blink outdoor and indoor cameras, and for that matter the mini, are all subscription cameras, if you want to make use of cloud storage.

Without cloud storage, not clear what use they are. That’s why I referenced 15th April 2020, which if you were a customer before that date, you get continued free storage. If you were a new customer after that date, which it would appear you are, you will require a paid subscription after March 2021, when the free trial runs out.

Same here. My xt2s are on 7.98. sounds like there should be an 8.53 firmware but no idea why it isn’t updating automatically if there is unless as mentioned there’s different hardware bedrooms on the xt2

I would like to help others who view this in the future by sharing

Indoors are on 2.151
(known as outdoor original) XT cameras are on 2.151
(known as outdoor gen 2) XT2 cameras are on 8.53 (a few were on 7.98 before getting an update a few weeks ago)

I guess 8.53 didn’t make it to mine yet. Knowing Blink, they probably stopped the roll out, having found out something wrong with it, lol.

Maybe it’s a US/UK temporary difference?

Mine are on the same. Two X1 and two X2, and it’s now May 2021!

So many new cameras out there with rechargeable batteries and great wifi (for less $$), not worth sticking with Blink. Blink software is probably one of the worst (no ability to take photos or record video while in live mode being the main issue).