New video doorbell and 1st generation sync module

Will the soon to be launched Blink Video Doorbell work with my 1st generation sync module ? I have had Blink cameras for many years. Thanks

Read it and weep. Blink staying consistent with want new features and benefits, buy the new hardware and subscription plans.

Thanks for your insight, but still not sure if the new Blink video doorbell will sync with the original sync module - any further comments ?

There’s some answers in various spots saying it can save to the cloud with older plans:

" Note: If your account was created on, or before April 15, 2020, the doorbell saves to your free cloud storage."
– in the FAQ at

“The Video Doorbell is compatible with both the first generation Sync Module and the Sync Module 2. With this, it can absolutely be connected to any existing Blink system that you may have.”

“Accounts that were created on or before April 15, 2020, continue to have the original 7200 seconds (2 hours) of cloud storage per Sync Module. The Blink Video Doorbell shares this cloud storage with the rest of the Blink devices on your account.”
– On the Amazon product page

… but since I’m curious about other feature/functionality differences with the older syncs (and I already have 6 syncs, and 24 XT/XT 2 cameras, at my house), and it’s hard to answer questions about a “soon to be released” product without actually verifying it, I just went ahead and ordered one, maybe I’ll be able to answer more questions as a “classic blink” end-user in about 3 weeks. :wink:

The new doorbell does not need a sync module to work. However, over on the Amazon forums, one of the admins has confirmed…yes the new doorbell will work with sync module 1. Other comments are the latest and greatest Blink goodies are simply repackaged new outdoor camera.

In all of this, ask yourself seriously, is it time to move on to a different brand? Remember Blink’s low price = limited features and functionality. It’s as simple as comparing Blink to sister company Ring.